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REMME is an open source distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol with a set of DApps, enabling passwordless authentication for humans and devices. REM is an ERC20 utility token that powers all operations within the ecosystem and serves as a digital key for gaining access to REMME PKI (d) protocol and DApps.


  • Alex Momot: Founder & CEO  
  • Kate Pospelova: CMO & Co-founder 
  • Roman Kravchenko: CTO 
  • Jan Keil: CBDO 

The REMME ICO will start on the TBA and will end on the TBA. The ICO token allocation represents 50% of the total token supply which will be available for a $0.04 starting price each. The ICO funding cap is set at $20M.

Token Reserve Split (50%):

  • Team and founders: 20%
  • Partners and advisors: 20%
  • Reserve fund: 10%

The REM ICO feautres a bonus and bounty campaign

Bonus Structure:

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REM Latest Updates
October 03, 2018

The first public presentation of REMChain Testnet 1.0 was held at a hackathon in Kyiv

For the second time, REMME were pleased to be a Super Sponsor of the International BlockchainUA Conference (Ukraine, Kiev) that gathered blockchain experts from across Europe and the rest of the world.Our CEO Alex Momot and CTO Roman Kravchenko gave speeches about the future of blockchain...


September 27, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Joining the REMME Masternode Program

The time is fast approaching for the mainnet launch of REMChain. When our custom Blockchain goes live, it will be controlled by a custom Proof-of-Service algorithm and distributed by a series of masternodes. Those nodes, which will be instrumental in securing the REMME network, will be operated...


September 24, 2018

REMChain Masternodes: Building a Network of Trust

With the REMChain mainnet launch looming, it’s time to take a deep dive into masternodes and their role within the REMME ecosystem.Masternodes are an integral part of our blockchain-powered PKI and IAM solution, and we’re eager to convey their importance and role to our community and to...


September 12, 2018

Global Enterprise Blockchain Adoption Gears Up With Release of REMME Testnet

Distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) protocol REMME has released its sidechain testnet demonstrating the strongest use case for enterprise blockchains.Dear friends, we’re happy to announce an official launch of REMME sidechain testnet. Starting from Today it’s open for public testing...


September 11, 2018

What you should learn about prominent blockchain ecosystems for dApps

As an organization with a goal of developing a horizontal open source technological community, we decided to investigate some well-known examples of blockchain ecosystems suitable for this purpose. For the study, we chose the technological communities of Ethereum and EOS, which position...

From: Andrii Fedotov

August 28, 2018

10 reasons why you should contribute to REMME Ecosystem Development

REMME distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol is conceived as an open source solution that will unite a strong developer community around it. Our main goal is to build an ecosystem of solutions and applications based on the REMME protocol which will make the digital economy better...


August 21, 2018

Getting Started with Atomic Swaps

Historically, we humans have used various mediums of exchange to perform transactions for trading goods and services. Capital used to be centralized within marketplaces, and today is very similar with more efficient centralized exchanges; we still trust exchanges to facilitate more efficient and...

From: Andrey Bogomazov

July 25, 2018

Sid Desai Joins the REMME Core Team as Head of Business Development

We’re delighted to welcome another new talent to the REMME team, and a high profile one at that. If the name Sid Desai sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because we’ve mentioned him before in his capacity as an advisor to REMME. Sid’s now made the decision to step up and formally...


REMME Core Alpha 0.4.0 has now been released on GitHub

Dear members, welcome to the eighth edition of our bi-weekly development update. As you may recall, last time we spoke it was to provide news of the progress we’ve made on REMChain. Our proprietary blockchain is now ready for private testing and we’ve also made progress with Atomic Swaps....


July 20, 2018

Technical community as the main engine for the future with passwordless authentication

For the last few years I have been working with communities on Impact Hub Odessa (a worldwide network of social innovation centers). For me, the community is about decentralized structures that can create synergies and achieve tangible results through multi-leadership and collective...

From: Andrii Fedotov

July 17, 2018

AMA session with Lead software engineer Anatolii Padenko

On 21st June, REMME Lead software engineer Anatolii Padenko conducted a tech session with the community in Discord. During the course of the session, he outlined the finer points of the PKI solution REMME is building, how REMChain will work, and detailed when masternodes are expected to launch....


July 13, 2018

REMME Q2 results

Q2 of 2018 has come and gone and thus it behoves us to provide an update on everything that’s been achieved this past quarter at REMME. During the course of this summary, we’ll detail the work we’ve put in over the last three months including the progress that’s been made on private...


July 05, 2018

How do we plan to Prove and Improve REMME Access Management solutions with Pilots

“A pinch of probability is worth a pound of perhaps.” — James ThurberToday we are going to talk about an important element in ensuring that REMME gains mass adoption: pilot programs. The testing and implementation of our protocol in conjunction with major enterprises is crucial in...


July 02, 2018

Meet the latest additions to the REMME team

It’s been a while since we brought you up to speed on recent appointments to the REMME team. Over the last couple of months, we’re privileged to have had our ranks bolstered by an all-star collection of top talents (and we’re not just saying that to be nice to our new recruits!). Without...


June 25, 2018

AMA session with our CEO Alex Momot (Part 2)

Recently we have shared the first part of the AMA session answers. As there was a time limit for the online session, not all the questions appeared on air. We couldn’t leave them as they are and prepared answers for the rest of the questions. Enjoy!7) “If a company opts to build a private...


June 23, 2018

AMA session with our CEO Alex Momot (Part 1)

Some time ago we set up an AMA session to keep our community members in a loop about latest REMME news and answer the most frequent questions. We chose 6 questions that took more upvotes on a Reddit. Today we’re publishing the transcript of it. We also added other questions that didn’t...


June 21, 2018

REMME bi-weekly update #7

Dear members, welcome to the seventh edition of our bi-weekly development update! In this episode, we’ve got the latest on REMChain, our proprietary blockchain, which is progressing nicely, details of forthcoming community events, and info on what REMME Research Lab has been upto. Without...


June 15, 2018

Hyperledger Sawtooth as a development framework: architecture overview

Following a significant amount of research and tests, REMME has decided to choose Hyperledger Sawtooth as its blockchain framework. It provides out-the-box mechanisms so developers don’t need to write the entire blockchain software from scratch.The Hyperledger Sawtooth framework is being...

From: Roman Kravchenko

June 05, 2018

Latest Hackathon Throws Up Inventive REMME Solutions

REMME was put under the microscope at a recent hackathon, where a number of solutions were suggested for maximising the REMME PKI (d) protocol. Ideas were traded busily at the hackathon, as participants proposed ways of implementing REMME in a myriad of settings.REMME and Magento: A Match Made...


June 01, 2018

REMME bi-weekly update #6

Dear members, welcome to the sixth edition of our bi-weekly development update! Every other Monday we will be posting an overview of the progress we’ve made over the last two weeks. Here’s a quick summary of our major updates during this sprint.Integration Libraries.We’ve now implemented...


May 18, 2018

REMME bi-weekly update #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of the REMME bi-weekly update, in which we get to geek out on what are devs have been up to behind the scenes. It’s a chance to prove that we’ve not been resting on our laurels and, more importantly, to keep you in the loop. Work on the REMME protocol and...


May 02, 2018

Mercury Cash Joins the 2018 REMME Pilot Program

New participants in the REMME 2018 pilot program are arriving thick and fast. We’ve made a point of approving applicants from both within and outwith the cryptocurrency community, because we want to see REMME adopted by as many businesses from as many industries as possible. We’re pleased to...


April 30, 2018

REMME bi-weekly update #4

REMChain testnet alpha version is now running with PoET consensus, REST API update, Atomic Swap concept and much more.Dear members, welcome to the fourth edition of our bi-weekly development update! Every other Monday we will be posting an overview of the progress we’ve made over the past...


April 26, 2018

Introducing REMME Research Lab

The REMME product is an innovative, high-tech and science-based solution, and thus it follows that scientific research should be one of the priorities we should focus on as a company.In this regard, it was decided to launch a special research hub within the company. REMME Research Lab is an...


April 23, 2018

WandX Joins REMME’s 2018 Pilot Program

All this year we’ve been releasing news of the latest partners to pledge their commitment to the REMME pilot program. The likes of Changelly and other web-based projects from throughout the crypto space — and beyond — have signed up for our 2018 pilot scheme, the latest of whom...


April 19, 2018

How to Mitigate Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Risks Using REMME

Introducing two additional spots for cryptocurrency exchanges to participate in 2018 REMME Pilot program!When we first conceived REMME as a passwordless authentication system, we knew its potential use cases would be wide-ranging. The REMME protocol was envisaged as a means of protecting...


April 16, 2018

REMME bi-weekly update #3

Dear members, welcome to the third edition of our bi-weekly development update! Every other Monday we will be posting an overview of the progress we’ve made over the last two weeks.During the last sprint we focused on:REMME PKI (d) protocol 0.3.0 Alpha releaseREMME protocol REST API...


April 12, 2018

Cryptocurrency Exchange Changelly Joins the REMME 2018 Pilot Program

Changelly is the latest company to sign up for the REMME 2018 pilot program, and it’s one of the most high profile additions to the list.Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange providing the ability to instantly and seamlessly exchange over 100 altcoins at the best market rate or buy...


April 03, 2018

REMME bi-weekly update #2

Dear members, welcome to the second edition of our bi-weekly development updates in which we keep you in the loop as to what’s been going on behind the scenes at REMME.Our devs never sleep — or at least so it seems — which is why they’ve completed such a long list of tasks since...


March 30, 2018

Some Fascinating Stats on Applications for the REMME 2018 Pilot Program

The REMME pilot program offers enterprises a chance to register their interest in trialling our passwordless authentication protocol. We’ve been taking submissions from businesses for months and soon will finalize 10 entrants to put the REMME protocol to the test. We’re very excited to be...


March 27, 2018

REMME Mentors Teams at BlockchainUA Hackathon

The REMME team is just back from a lively weekend that took in the BlockchainUA Conference and BlockchainUA Hackathon in Kiev. We were pleased to be a Super Sponsor of the conference that gathered blockchain experts from across Europe and the rest of the world. Our REMME stand was thronged with...


REMME joins Hyperledger

We’re pleased to announce that REMME has now joined Hyperledger, the open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies hosted by The Linux Foundation. Hyperledger has attracted major players from many sectors such as banking, finance, manufacturing and...


March 20, 2018

Triggmine joins REMME’s 2018 Pilot Program

We’re happy to bring news of the latest sign-up to the REMME Pilot Program. Say hello to Triggmine, who will be joining us on our journey to build a safer, better web. We’ve been steadily amassing participants in our pilot scheme, and we cherish every single one. The addition of Triggmine to...


March 19, 2018

REMME bi-weekly update #1

Dear members, welcome to the first of our bi-weekly development updates! Every other Monday we will be posting an overview of the progress we’ve made over the last two weeks.The next version of the REMME Public Key Infrastructure (d) protocol is live! We’re inviting everyone to track...


March 16, 2018

IT expert Sid Desai joins REMME as an advisor

REMME is pleased to announce the latest advisor to join its team. We’re delighted to welcome Sid Desai aboard. A Boston-based IT security professional of some renown, Sid’s expertise will prove invaluable as we seek ways to make REMME even stronger, build partnerships with major enterprises,...


March 14, 2018

Insights from EthCC 2018 in Paris with the REMME team

Members of our team are just back from the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris, and they’ve got good things to report. We learned a lot, networked a lot and talked a lot about REMME, blockchain scaling, decentralization and other matters that are close to our heart. EthCC was a great...


March 11, 2018

REMME R&D team update

At REMME, we’re fortunate to count some of the brightest minds in the tech space among our ranks, particularly when it comes to blockchain systems and cryptoeconomics. We’re also fortunate to be in a position to reinforce our ranks should we meet individuals who have the skills and aptitude...


March 06, 2018

REMME monthly digest — February, 2018

We’re into the third month of 2018 already. That happened fast. But we’re pleased to report that the REMME team hasn’t been resting. In fact, we’ve been working harder than ever, which is just as well given the rate this year seems to be accelerating at. There’s lots to update you on,...


March 02, 2018

REMME partners with bug bounty marketplace Hacken

At REMME, we’re always looking to form new partnerships within the crypto community that can be mutually beneficial and we found one in Hacken. The white hat platform, which rewards bug bounties with tokens, recently made REMME its newest security partner. This proved to be of great benefit...


February 23, 2018

REMME Core 0.1.0 alpha release

Less than 10 days after completing a successful token sale, REMME is to release the alpha 0.1.0 version of its Core protocol.In parallel with the preparation of REMME token sale, our R&D division focused on research and development of the architecture as part of the planned release of the...


February 13, 2018

How to participate in the REMME token sale

To participate during the first and the second days of the REMME public sale, all participants should be registered on the Telegram Community whitelist.Those who haven’t registered will be able to join us starting from the third day of our public sale. At this stage, the event will be open to...


February 07, 2018

Beware of scammers

Dear members, it’s been a pleasure for us to receive such attention from the crypto community in recent weeks. But with increased focus comes increased scrutiny from the less scrupulous elements that are endemic to the crypto space. It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone who interacts...


February 03, 2018

Update on the forthcoming REMME public sale

Dear REMME followers, thank you for your support and high level of interest in the project! In this announcement you will find all the last-minute details you will need regarding our public sale which starts on February 13 at 20:00 UTC.1. Whitelist registration updatesTo participate during the...


January 25, 2018

Announcing the REMME Public Sale Whitelist Details

We’re happy to see that our community is growing so fast! We now have over 5,000 active and highly engaged Telegram members and more than 15,000 subscribed to our token sale mailing list. These numbers have taken us by surprise, and caused us to give thought to the fairest means of conducting...


January 19, 2018

REMME and FLUX Join Forces to Launch a Partnership

We’re pleased to announce news of yet another promising partnership, this time with gaming platform FLUX. Our 2018 pilot program is growing stronger by the day, and FLUX are a most welcome addition. The arrangement will see users of the firm’s blockchain gaming platform benefit from the...


January 15, 2018

Utility Sector Market Penetration Research

Developing a vibrant community is one of the keys to REMME’s success. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into this endeavor, striving to build a strong community of individuals who share our ideas and firmly believe in the project’s success. And Today, we’re pleasued to present the...


January 09, 2018

REMME monthly digest — December, 2017

New Year, a New Partnership and New REMME Team MembersAt the dawn of a new year, we’re pleased to report on a slew of new developments at REMME HQ. We haven’t been resting on our laurels over the festive period — there was far too much work to be done and partnerships to be forged. In...


January 05, 2018

The REMME Pre-Sale is Over: More Than $1.8 Million Raised!

On December 25th, REMME concluded its pre-sale. Now that the dust has settled and the numbers have been crunched, we’re pleased to be able to release a full report. In short, the REMME pre-sale was a great success and we’re extremely grateful to all of you who participated and showed your...


December 27, 2017

REMME and Gladius Team Up to Form a Strategic Partnership

Another week, another promising new partnership to emerge from REMME HQ. This time, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve joined forces with Gladius Network. As a consequence, we’ll soon be working to implement the REMME PKI (d) protocol with Gladius services. Once in place, this will...


December 21, 2017

REMME team welcomes new team member and advisors

In our quest to build the leading Access Management solution, we’re always on the lookout for new talent who can make REMME even better. Thanks to the latest additions to the fold, we’re well on our way to assembling a crack team of experts versed in all aspects of cyber security and...


December 11, 2017

Introducing Ethereum Price Protection for REMME Pre-Sale Participants

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of price protection for all participants in our Initial Software Subscription. We’ve received a number of queries regarding what happens in the event of Ethereum surging in value before REM tokens are issued. In the past, some participants in token...


December 01, 2017

REMME monthly digest — November, 2017

With November fading fast and set to be written into the history books, it’s time to recap everything that’s been happening since we last caught up. It’s fair to say that everyone in the crypto space has experienced a wild rocket ride these last few weeks, with Bitcoin hitting record...


November 29, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About the REMME Initial Software Subscription

On December 4th (15:00 UTC ) the REMME Initial Software Offering live.We’re very excited to have finally reached this stage and we can’t wait to welcome you into the fold as REMME token-holders. At this stage we’d like to stress how grateful we are for all your support. Together we’re...


November 09, 2017

Announcing the REMME Family program

Share your support with us!Dear REMME community,It is my pleasure to invite you all to our official membership program. REMME Family is the name of our new Proof-of-Support program, one in which we share the love and combine the power of the crowd to devastating effect. When we put our heads...

From: Kate Pospelova

November 03, 2017

REMME monthly digest — October, 2017

News and updates about the REMME projectWow, that went fast. What exactly? Let’s see: October. 2017. It seems like only a couple of days ago we were welcoming you in Q4 and now here we are gearing up for 2018. Today, it’s time to run through the latest developments in the REMME’s world,...


October 30, 2017

#securitytalks | Edition 01

Expect More Cyber Attacks As The Interest in Cloud, IoT & Crypto Rises — Former Facebook Malware ExpertIn this interview we asked our advisor Nick Bilogorskiy, the former chief malware researcher at Facebook to reveal why he believes there will be an uptick in cyber attacks. He also...