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REMME ICO summary information

Project Description

REMME is an open source distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol with a set of DApps, enabling passwordless authentication for humans and devices. REM is an ERC20 utility token that powers all operations within the ecosystem and serves as a digital key for gaining access to REMME PKI (d) protocol and DApps.


  • Alex Momot: Founder & CEO  
  • Kate Pospelova: CMO & Co-founder 
  • Roman Kravchenko: CTO 
  • Jan Keil: CBDO 

The REMME ICO will start on the TBA and will end on the TBA. The ICO token allocation represents 50% of the total token supply which will be available for a $0.04 starting price each. The ICO funding cap is set at $20M.

Token Reserve Split (50%):

  • Team and founders: 20%
  • Partners and advisors: 20%
  • Reserve fund: 10%

The REM ICO feautres a bonus and bounty campaign

Bonus Structure:

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REM Latest Updates
February 13, 2018

How to participate in the REMME token sale

To participate during the first and the second days of the REMME public sale, all participants should be registered on the Telegram Community whitelist.Those who haven’t registered will be able to join us starting from the third day of our public sale. At this stage, the event will be open to...


February 07, 2018

Beware of scammers

Dear members, it’s been a pleasure for us to receive such attention from the crypto community in recent weeks. But with increased focus comes increased scrutiny from the less scrupulous elements that are endemic to the crypto space. It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone who interacts...


February 03, 2018

Update on the forthcoming REMME public sale

Dear REMME followers, thank you for your support and high level of interest in the project! In this announcement you will find all the last-minute details you will need regarding our public sale which starts on February 13 at 20:00 UTC.1. Whitelist registration updatesTo participate during the...


January 25, 2018

Announcing the REMME Public Sale Whitelist Details

We’re happy to see that our community is growing so fast! We now have over 5,000 active and highly engaged Telegram members and more than 15,000 subscribed to our token sale mailing list. These numbers have taken us by surprise, and caused us to give thought to the fairest means of conducting...


January 19, 2018

REMME and FLUX Join Forces to Launch a Partnership

We’re pleased to announce news of yet another promising partnership, this time with gaming platform FLUX. Our 2018 pilot program is growing stronger by the day, and FLUX are a most welcome addition. The arrangement will see users of the firm’s blockchain gaming platform benefit from the...


January 15, 2018

Utility Sector Market Penetration Research

Developing a vibrant community is one of the keys to REMME’s success. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into this endeavor, striving to build a strong community of individuals who share our ideas and firmly believe in the project’s success. And Today, we’re pleasued to present the...


January 09, 2018

REMME monthly digest — December, 2017

New Year, a New Partnership and New REMME Team MembersAt the dawn of a new year, we’re pleased to report on a slew of new developments at REMME HQ. We haven’t been resting on our laurels over the festive period — there was far too much work to be done and partnerships to be forged. In...


January 05, 2018

The REMME Pre-Sale is Over: More Than $1.8 Million Raised!

On December 25th, REMME concluded its pre-sale. Now that the dust has settled and the numbers have been crunched, we’re pleased to be able to release a full report. In short, the REMME pre-sale was a great success and we’re extremely grateful to all of you who participated and showed your...


December 27, 2017

REMME and Gladius Team Up to Form a Strategic Partnership

Another week, another promising new partnership to emerge from REMME HQ. This time, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve joined forces with Gladius Network. As a consequence, we’ll soon be working to implement the REMME PKI (d) protocol with Gladius services. Once in place, this will...


December 21, 2017

REMME team welcomes new team member and advisors

In our quest to build the leading Access Management solution, we’re always on the lookout for new talent who can make REMME even better. Thanks to the latest additions to the fold, we’re well on our way to assembling a crack team of experts versed in all aspects of cyber security and...


December 11, 2017

Introducing Ethereum Price Protection for REMME Pre-Sale Participants

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of price protection for all participants in our Initial Software Subscription. We’ve received a number of queries regarding what happens in the event of Ethereum surging in value before REM tokens are issued. In the past, some participants in token...


December 01, 2017

REMME monthly digest — November, 2017

With November fading fast and set to be written into the history books, it’s time to recap everything that’s been happening since we last caught up. It’s fair to say that everyone in the crypto space has experienced a wild rocket ride these last few weeks, with Bitcoin hitting record...


November 29, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About the REMME Initial Software Subscription

On December 4th (15:00 UTC ) the REMME Initial Software Offering live.We’re very excited to have finally reached this stage and we can’t wait to welcome you into the fold as REMME token-holders. At this stage we’d like to stress how grateful we are for all your support. Together we’re...


November 09, 2017

Announcing the REMME Family program

Share your support with us!Dear REMME community,It is my pleasure to invite you all to our official membership program. REMME Family is the name of our new Proof-of-Support program, one in which we share the love and combine the power of the crowd to devastating effect. When we put our heads...

From: Kate Pospelova

November 03, 2017

REMME monthly digest — October, 2017

News and updates about the REMME projectWow, that went fast. What exactly? Let’s see: October. 2017. It seems like only a couple of days ago we were welcoming you in Q4 and now here we are gearing up for 2018. Today, it’s time to run through the latest developments in the REMME’s world,...


October 30, 2017

#securitytalks | Edition 01

Expect More Cyber Attacks As The Interest in Cloud, IoT & Crypto Rises — Former Facebook Malware ExpertIn this interview we asked our advisor Nick Bilogorskiy, the former chief malware researcher at Facebook to reveal why he believes there will be an uptick in cyber attacks. He also...