A remote island paradises, maybe not many people know about it. It is revealed that there are rows of remote islands in the world that are difficult for you to visit. Because access that is not easy is the reason. There may be geographical conditions, the location of the island, and the existence of a military base belonging to a country. However, these islands have an unusual uniqueness.

Remote Island Paradises, Full Of Captivating Charm

This is the List of Remote Island Paradises

Until now, there are still many places on Earth that are rarely visited by humans. Starting from dry desert areas to cold polar regions. There are also islands that humans rarely visit. In fact, very few people ever achieve it. Moreover, not many people also dared to go up to him. As for some of the world’s most remote islands, as follows.

Kerguelen Islands

The Kerguelen Islands are 2,051 miles from civilization. This place is full of glaciers, mountains, rocky outcrops, and the vast plains of tussock grass and moss. This place has an average daily temperature ranging from 2.1 to 8.2 degrees Celsius. Apparently, humans do not inhabit these islands. But only seals, albatrosses, pigeons, and four species of penguins.

Despite having no indigenous people, 100 engineers regularly visit the Kerguelen Islands. The reason is, scientists conduct research every year. The only way to get to the island is by boat which only departs four times a year.

Island of Tristan Da Cunha

The next remote island paradises is Tristan Da Cunha Island. It turns out that this island is considered the most distant place in the world. Because the location of this island is in the South Atlantic. Even almost 2,000 miles from the nearest country, South Africa. On the island, there are only ten visits per year. No wonder this island is very remote.

Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island is a small volcanic island in the South Pacific. As it turns out, this Island is the only inhabited island in the British overseas territory. Today, Pitcairn Island is at the center of one of the world’s largest marine reserves. Although, its territory is in the open ocean covering an area of 830,000 square kilometers, and is larger than the US state of Texas.

Such is the world’s remote island paradise that is difficult for tourists to visit. In addition, it turns out that there are also a number of other islands with a similar status. All remote islands on the list are rarely visited by humans. In fact, only a few people were in that place. So, if you go there, it’s almost impossible to get stuck in a crowd like in other public tourist spots.