Wine and vineyard tours can be an option when the holiday season arrives. Even when on vacation, you can taste the specialties or taste the culinary delights, which is one of the best ways to learn about local culture. For example, drinking wine or tasting wine in the world’s best vineyards.

Initially, wine lovers could only take part in the Wine Tour to Europe. But now, you can travel to explore the vineyards, you can visit almost the entire continent. So, for you wine lovers, here are the best wine tour destinations that you need to stop by.

The Best Wine and Vineyard Tours Destinations in the World

Destinations Wine and Vineyard Tours

Going on vacation to a vineyard could be lucky for you. Because now you can learn about culture, history, and beautiful scenery. What’s more, you can taste the wine directly. For that, here are the best wine tours in the world that are recommendations for you.

Tuscany, Italy

The first recommendation you can find in Italy. More precisely in Tuscany. One of the most popular wines from the city is Wine Chianti. The reason is that the wine is inspired by the area where it comes from, namely Greve in Chianti.

There you can visit the wine cellar or cantina. You can even taste the wine directly. Apart from that, you can also take a walking tour around the vineyards and learn about wine production. If you want to stay longer, you can stay in the renovated farmhouse. It also has views of the vineyards and hills that are so beautiful.

Burgundy, France

If you talk about the best wine tour in the world. It doesn’t feel complete if you haven’t visited France. Because France itself is very synonymous with its quality wine.

One of the areas in France that you can visit to do wine and vineyard tours is the city of Chablis, which is located in the Burgundy region. The city has a series of quite exciting wine tour activities. Starting from participating in training to other wine-themed activities. In this city, wine events are often held every October. All of the wine lovers can taste the wine. However, you don’t need to worry because you can taste wine throughout the year in the city.

California, United States

Wine and vineyard tours in the next world that you can visit, namely California, United States. There is one area in California that offers views of vineyards, namely Napa Valley. Napa Valley is a top Cabernet Sauvignon producer stocking more than 400 wineries. There you are not just to take a walk to see the beauty of the vineyards. But you can also taste the famous wine with its delicacy directly.