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January 19, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
23:00 OKEx OKEx: Our Favorite Insights From Blockchain Connect
19:31 DNT DNT: The District Weekly — January 19th, 2019
19:31 DTT DTT: How to Get On an LCS Team
19:01 OKEx OKEx: Crypto News Roundup — Jan. 18, 2019
16:20 GAT GAT: iherb coupon code iherb coupon code free shipping iherb coupon code 20 off iherb coupon code $10…
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 19 January 2019
10:40 ELES ELES: Meet Johan, a pensionist moving to Cyprus with his wife and comes along the ELES platform when…
09:40 SRX SRX: The Future Of Energy Generation, Distribution and Consumption
09:10 SNPC SNPC: SnapCoin (SNPC) Deposit Bonus & Trading Competition — Bitmart
06:39 BTMG BTMG: Inspired by…Samuel Eto’o
00:20 ZRX ZRX: Relayer Report #17 — Making Money in DeFi Now, Veil and Mobidex Launch, 0x Tracker Redesign

January 18, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
20:57 GLA GLA: Development Update #25 (1/18)
19:48 OMI OMI: ECOMI x CRYPTO CROW Interview!
19:25 OST OST: People of OST: Shlomi Azran, Identity Product Manager
19:17 SMILO SMILO: Smilo Update — CES2019, The Recap
18:45 IOT IOT: Trinity Update: Jan 18th
18:05 PRP PRP: Technical Roundup #17: Papyrus Network Performance Tests
17:17 GIM GIM: Gimbl Monthly Tech Update: GTMU #6
17:01 TRST TRST: Types of Cryptocurrency Donors
16:59 ARK ARK: Security Vulnerabilities: Further Steps Towards A Standardized Protocol
16:23 AGI AGI: SingularityNET partners with the Indonesian Agricultural Data Exchange Firm Hara.
16:01 Salt Lending Salt Lending: 2018 Year in Review
15:11 HRO HRO: 772 Million Emails & Passwords Leaked
15:01 VLUX VLUX: Ephemeral µBlockchains: the mayflies tackling data storage limitations on the blockchain
14:57 TIO TIO: CALLING ALL TRADERS! Think you’re good at trading? Well, it’s time to put your skills to the test.
14:41 ACAT ACAT: Alphacat Report (January 1–15)
14:16 HVN HVN: Hiveterminal Q&A: 10 Burning Questions
14:16 DTT DTT: Transfer Roundup: Europe
14:00 GNO GNO: The DutchX — Take part in the arbitrage opportunity
13:55 FDX FDX: CPF LIFE: Lifeline of Elderly Singaporeans?
13:21 Dentacoin Dentacoin: Dentacoin Weekly Updates: January 11–18
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 18 January 2019
12:38 INX INX: Bonus 10% is on only till the end of this week! Hurry up!
12:01 REN REN: Ren — The Evolution of a Protocol
11:59 WT WT: Wi-Fi to replace mobile networks in 5 years
11:55 ELI ELI: Elipay Crypto News and Locations
11:37 BZKY BZKY: Top Blockchain Projects gather together with SK Jewellery, the largest Jewellery chain in…
10:27 BOS BOS: BOS Newsletter-Celebrate Every Victory
10:18 EVER EVER: EverLife.AI Bounty Distribution
09:36 NOAH NOAH: Crypto Tourism is not the future, but the present!
09:30 SGC SGC: Sudan Gold Coin has been scaling new heights since its ICO has opened for public subscription.
09:05 WAND WAND: Updates: WandX DEX and the Upcoming Mainnet Release
09:04 ADAB ADAB: Distinctive features of the FICE
08:01 DTT DTT: A Colossal Force in Mid
07:42 KEY KEY: Privacy Focused Cryptocurrency Exchange Easyrabbit Lists KEY Token
02:33 EDN EDN: [Eden Diary_BD] Why are Eden DApps promising? by Hailee Kim
02:27 ZRX ZRX: 0x Roadmap (part 1): ZEIPs
02:10 EMX EMX: The EMX Blog is Moving!
01:09 ICX ICX: ICON Accelerates its Expansion of its Public Blockchain Ecosystem
00:30 QRL QRL: Ledger App Update!

January 17, 2019

Time Coin Newsline
22:01 ARK ARK: ARK Desktop Wallet v2.2.0 Released
21:45 GOC GOC: EventChain Enlists GoChain for High Performance Blockchain Technology
20:01 ZRX ZRX: New Ethereum Dev Tools from 0x
19:44 STORJ STORJ: We need great storage node operators for the V3 network! Have you got what it takes to succeed?
18:44 STORM STORM: Did somebody say Apple?
18:02 IOT IOT: Who’s In Who’s Out: a Rate Control Algorithm for the Tangle
17:07 ETI ETI: Announcing EtherInc community adoption campaign
17:02 BOTC BOTC: Launching Botchain: The AI Bot Identity Protocol and Registry For Rich People
16:57 LSK LSK: Development Update — January 17, 2018
16:49 ADX ADX: AdEx Community Chat Migrating to Discord
16:18 OPP OPP: Meet KMSChain, Opporty’s New Partner
15:27 OST OST: Recap from OST LIVE with Nicolas Van Hoorde, CEO of Delta — Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker
14:42 DTT DTT: FOTM: Early Spike Vayne
14:27 NPX NPX: NapoleonX Newsletter — January 17, 2019
13:53 TIME TIME: What is a decentralised application and how it works
13:48 ADB ADB: Introducing the adbank Wiki
13:44 LGO LGO: LGO Token Buy Back Mechanism
13:22 DOM DOM: Max Property Group Announces MPG Token Listing On
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 17 January 2019

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Bitcoin Cash logo Bitcoin Cash 1.9% ~$2,28B
EOS logo EOS 1.9% ~$2,24B
Stellar logo Stellar 1.7% ~$2,07B
Tether logo Tether 1.7% ~$2,05B
Litecoin logo Litecoin 1.6% ~$1,99B
Tronix logo Tronix 1.4% ~$1,63B
Cardano logo Cardano 1% ~$1,18B
*Other Coins 13% ~$15,72B
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Bitcoin Cash logo Bitcoin Cash $129.591324139 -0.01%
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Stellar logo Stellar $0.1082222286 0.13%
Tether logo Tether $1.0154463834 -0.1%
Litecoin logo Litecoin $33.1894592385 0.53%
Tronix logo Tronix $0.0245195064 -0.23%
Cardano logo Cardano $0.0454854619 -0.1%
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