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June 23, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
01:42 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: Crypto Markets, Weak Demand from Miners Hurt GPU Producers
01:18 Justin Szilard Justin Szilard: Ridesharing Platform, ABEE, to Integrate Dash
00:06 Chjango Unchained Chjango Unchained: ICF Supports 5-year Research Program Led by Professor Dan Boneh

June 22, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:51 Chjango Unchained Chjango Unchained: Announcing — Incentivized Testnet Game
23:40 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Bithumb Lowers Theft Estimate – Will Fully Repay Customers Despite Deficient Insurance
23:03 LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets: We are happy to announce that new tokens are available for trading on the LATOKEN platform:
22:03 krakenfx krakenfx: Daily Market Report for June 22 2018
22:03 Dentacoin Dentacoin: Dentacoin Weekly Updates: June 15–22, 2018
21:51 FirstBlood FirstBlood: Beta Dev Update (46)
21:48 Goldmint Goldmint: Популяризация стабильного криптоактива GOLD и новая бизнес-модель для ломбардного бизнеса
21:40 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Introducing the Bitcoin Cash Powered Github Tipping App
21:37 Goldmint Goldmint: Promotion of stable GOLD cryptocurrency asset and a new business model for pawn-shop businesses
21:19 Gladius Network Gladius Network: Development Update #13 (06/22)
21:02 ingamar ingamar: 6/22 Update from CEO Alex Mashinsky
20:09 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |Iプロトタイプ2.0版:主な最新情報
20:04 admin admin: U.S. Committee on the Judiciary to hold a session around cryptocurrency impact on democracy
19:40 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Tumble Before the Weekend
19:36 Alphacat Alphacat: Alphacat has been invited to attend the 12th Shanghai Financial Services Fair.
19:33 — Decentralized vehicle history — Decentralized vehicle history: VINstuff #9 (June 18 — June 24)
18:56 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |The Abyss на E3: самые яркие моменты и фото-отчет
18:49 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |The Abyss参加E3:游戏展的大事和摄影报导
18:44 RIALTO.AI RIALTO.AI: Crypto Regulation Worldwide
18:42 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |The Abyss Tại E3: Những điểm nổi bật và Báo cáo ảnh
18:38 SyncFab SyncFab: SyncFab Establishes Los Angeles Base
18:09 Ben Ben: Particl Community Update #1
18:06 Caviar Media Caviar Media: New Project Review — FANTOM (FTM)
17:59 NaPoleonX NaPoleonX: Looking for trading signals generated by high-performing, long-standing strategies with proven…
17:39 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Bitcoin Cash Football: Multiplayer World Cup App Powered By BCH
17:18 BABB BABB: Invest in BABB via bank/wire transfer
17:17 NaPoleonX NaPoleonX: Trading cryptos is not easy indeed and there are many pitfalls.
17:16 Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc. Etherparty Smart Contracts, Inc.: Etherparty Announces Rocket Price and Pricing Strategy
16:38 Monetha Monetha: Interview with Monetha’s Office Manager | Aistė
16:38 Doc Coin Doc Coin: In-Depth: Consumer genomics furthers healthcare foothold but privacy, resource concerns persist
16:32 Jarrod Dicker Jarrod Dicker: A Decentralized Approach to Media Transparency
16:27 Safinus Safinus: Bitcoin is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies
15:42 C. Edward Kelso C. Edward Kelso: US Federal Reserve Launches Cryptocurrency Index
15:10 Cashaa Cashaa: Kumar Gaurav at Motilal Oswal’s Winds of Change Conference
15:10 Ryan Vanzo Ryan Vanzo: Shivom Partners With SingularityNET to Drive Genomic Medical Research With Artificial Intelligence
14:49 GBX GBX: GBX at the Europe Blockchain Summit - Warsaw
14:36 fidentiaX fidentiaX: Should I pay for my insurance policy on a monthly or yearly basis?
14:30 C. Edward Kelso C. Edward Kelso: Mt. Gox Creditors’ Legal Victory: “Enormous Assets” to be Returned
14:27 AppCoins Official AppCoins Official: OEM of the Day #2 — Cosmic Digital Universe
14:18 NaPoleonX NaPoleonX: NapoleonX Platform: A Guided Tour
13:57 Justin Szilard Justin Szilard: Walmart Receives Patent for Energy System Powered by Cryptocurrencies
13:44 Ricky Li Ricky Li: Crypto market dynamics: intro
13:40 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: Taiwan’s Financial Regulator to Conduct Limited Oversight of Cryptocurrencies
13:38 Ambrož Homar Ambrož Homar: Several crypto startups are aiming to disrupt insurance. How do they stack up against each other?
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 22 June 2018
12:40 DreamTeam Media DreamTeam Media: DreamTeam Token Generation Event Complete!
12:22 Crowd Machine Crowd Machine: How Crowd Machine Compute Tokens fuel the new generation of blockchain apps
12:06 Paycent Paycent: Win 1000 US Dollars with Paycent and Dash’s Partnership!
11:45 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Japan Penalizes Crypto Exchanges – Yakuza Involvement Confirmed
11:42 Unocoin Unocoin: ZCash grabs a fork: what does it mean for investors?
11:35 Crypviser Blog Crypviser Blog: CVcoin Announces Important Partnership with Vistalli Casa-BitcoinXcasa
11:35 Metaverse Metaverse: SuperNova, the Smart Blockchain Solution
11:32 Papyrus Papyrus: 5 Great Features of Papyrus
11:22 Metaverse Metaverse: Metaverse Weekly Report (6.18–6.23)
11:20 Blackmoon Blackmoon: Xiaomi IPO. How to invest with crypto?
11:19 Waves Platform Waves Platform: WAVES Is Now Listed On Huobi
11:05 Nathalie Stucky Nathalie Stucky: Only a Third of the Richest Informed on Bitcoin
11:01 Lisk Lisk: Lisk Core 1.0 Testnet Announcement
10:57 Digix Digix: DigixDAO Governance Model — Update #5
10:48 Laura Girod Laura Girod: Request Network Project Update (June 22nd, 2018) — ERC20 support, Beta test the Crowdfunding app…
10:45 Playkey Team Playkey Team: Accepting PKT payments — why so long?
10:44 Bata.IO Bata.IO: Bata Multi-Algo, Masternodes,0.16.0 core update late August 2018 & Bata DEX sneak peek.
10:22 Holger Köther Holger Köther: IOTA and SinoPac team up to collaborate on digital innovations in the financial sector
10:01 QUOINE QUOINE: Statement from QUOINE CEO Mike Kayamori
09:41 Alex Svanevik Alex Svanevik: 11 Cryptocurrency Exchange Tokens Ranked By TVEV Ratio
09:33 Huobi Pro Huobi Pro: Hello Amsterdam — Meet Huobi!
09:20 Valorem Foundation Valorem Foundation: Valorem Insurance Coverages

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