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August 22, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
01:00 Luno Luno: Delayed bank withdrawals in Indonesia and Malaysia

August 20, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
14:46 Anton Buenavista Anton Buenavista: Tech Updates (August 20, 2018)
14:19 Kasper Rasmussen Kasper Rasmussen: Change Log: Version 2.9
14:10 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Crypto Exchange Works With Regulators to Develop Legal Frameworks for Arab States
14:08 Ben O'Hanlon Ben O'Hanlon: China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ranks Komodo as the world’s best blockchain…
14:02 Justin Szilard Justin Szilard: Dash Community Helps Venezuelans and People in Need
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 20 August 2018
13:07 ASCH ASCH: ASCH Developer Rejoice!
12:54 Jason Goldberg Jason Goldberg: OST Community Heroes: From ICO Purchasers to Alpha Development
12:52 EXSCUDO EXSCUDO: Exscudo update: community is moving to Discord!
12:47 Dether Dether: Hi Amélie!
12:32 Quoine Quoine: Liquid launch FAQ
12:25 Eligma Eligma: Meet Eligma’s Founders: Masterminds of Next-Generation Commerce
12:15 KICKICO OFFICIAL KICKICO OFFICIAL: PingPaid coming all the way from sunny Bahamas to launch at KICKICO!
12:09 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Binance Tracker Available in Beta, New Crypto Exchange Ready in Two Weeks
11:55 Cashaa Cashaa: IBC Hyderabad — Expert Panel with Kumar Gaurav on the Future of Payments!
11:31 BABB BABB: Equity crowdsale: what’s next?
11:23 EXSCUDO EXSCUDO: Exscudo is bringing liquidity to the exchange by adding trading robots support
11:02 Nika M Kravanja Nika M Kravanja: The top 10 Blockchain events you won’t want to miss in the fall and winter seasons
10:30 PR PR: PR: Former Meituan Cloud Veteran Launches BonusCloud – AWS in Decentralized Cloud Computing
10:24 Kaspar Kaarlep Kaspar Kaarlep: WePower engineering team's blog #5: Updates regarding pilot project with Elering
10:04 ModulTrade ModulTrade: ModulTrade’s Solution to Simplify Complex Trade-related Operations
10:02 World Wi-Fi World Wi-Fi: World Wi-Fi is coming to Armenia
07:42 Quoine Quoine: Mike’s weekly message to QUOINE community
07:08 ICON Foundation ICON Foundation: ICON-sponsoring ‘CryptoShift’
07:03 Unocoin Unocoin: A world where cryptoassets are securities
06:44 Digix Digix: Carbon Vote #2 : AMA on Reddit and Discord, Addressing Concerns
04:02 Tom Créance Tom Créance: Weekly Burst Report #48
03:44 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Japan Roundup: Public Companies Unveil New Mining Plan, Exchange, Token Fund
01:40 Kai Sedgwick Kai Sedgwick: Second Hand Rigs Are Dumped as the Solo Mining Dream Dies

August 19, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:40 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: Three Hackers Held in China Over $87 million Crypto Theft
22:03 krakenfx krakenfx: Daily Market Report for August 19 2018
21:40 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: SHA-256 Mining Hashrate Climbs Significantly in One Year
19:40 C. Edward Kelso C. Edward Kelso: India Bitconnect Head Arrested
17:40 Avi Mizrahi Avi Mizrahi: 44% of American Executives Think “Blockchain Is Overhyped”, Deloitte Survey Finds
17:06 PikcioChain PikcioChain: Pros and Cons of Self-Sovereign Identity — Part 1 (The Pros)
16:29 Sharie Ingente Sharie Ingente: PoliPoli to bridge the gap between politicians and citizens
15:40 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: South African Tax Authority Going After Crypto Traders
15:26 CEDEX CEDEX: The More You Know About Diamonds — Chapter 2
14:42 Joël Valenzuela Joël Valenzuela: Why Consumer, Not “Nerd,” Privacy Is Important
13:40 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Prolific Bitcoin Dealer ‘Blew a Giant Hole’ Through US Legal Framework
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 19 August 2018
10:25 Avi Mizrahi Avi Mizrahi: The Weekly: McAfee’s Doomed Wallet, Altcoin Panic, Binance Launches Fiat-to-Crypto
09:57 Quoine Quoine: Tammy’s corner: A picture is worth a thousand words
09:43 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |Программа лояльности SOT: текущий статус
09:36 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |Сhương trình thân thiện SOT: Cập nhật
08:56 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: SOT Program Update
05:10 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Korea Roundup: Mongolian Government Visits Bithumb, New BTM, Hardware Wallet
03:25 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: Venezuelans to Be Paid at Least Half a Petro a Month
01:25 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Markets Update: Crypto Prices Consolidate After Failing to Surpass Resistance

August 18, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
22:10 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Testing the Newly Transformed Non-Custodial Coinbase Wallet
22:03 krakenfx krakenfx: Daily Market Report for August 18 2018
20:10 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Korean Government: 11 out of 21 Crypto Exchanges Complete Security Measures
18:45 Justin Szilard Justin Szilard: This Week In Dash: August 13-18
18:37 Peter Reiseman Peter Reiseman: The District Weekly — August 18th, 2018
18:05 Kai Sedgwick Kai Sedgwick: She(256) Mentorship Program Aims to Help More Women Gain a Cryptocurrency Career
17:06 Tap Project (TTT) Tap Project (TTT): A Gamers Call to Action ~ Time for Change
16:26 Galaxy eSolutions Galaxy eSolutions: Further Cooperation Development with MSCE
16:00 Wendy McElroy Wendy McElroy: Wendy McElroy: The Jiu-Jitsu of Crypto – Personal Freedom vs Social Change
14:05 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Husbands Blackmailed for Bitcoin, Blockchain This and That
14:02 Mark Mason Mark Mason: Dash Podcast 65 – Feat. Eugenia Alcalá from Dash Venezuela
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 18 August 2018
12:10 C. Edward Kelso C. Edward Kelso: Bitcoin ETFs are a Terrible Idea: Andreas Antonopoulos
10:30 PR PR: PR: Contentos Launches Public Content Chain
09:45 BABB BABB: Hi Vincenzo, unfortunately that is a confidential document.
09:27 Datarius Сryptobank Datarius Сryptobank: Today the following updates have been received from the developer company:
07:20 C. Edward Kelso C. Edward Kelso: Over 60% of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product, Study Claims
05:03 ICON Foundation ICON Foundation: ICON X Startup Grind Seoul fireside chat
04:49 Crypto Guard Crypto Guard: How to Stake Your Funds Stored on a Hardware Device (Ledger Nano S)
03:35 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: US Judge Orders Alleged Hacker to Pay Bail in Cryptocurrency

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