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April 24, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
01:00 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Bitcoin Miners Unaffected by Price Decline — Hashrates Spiked Exponentially
00:32 Eric Schallock Eric Schallock: 디센트럴랜드 SDK 알파 버전 릴리즈
00:30 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: The Abyss Will Make An Appearance at Gamescom

April 23, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:50 BLOCKv BLOCKv: BLOCKv and the Evening Standard showcase hybrid physical & digital campaigns
23:22 Adam Simon Adam Simon: N is for New, Nanome — How we found an unlikely new face
23:00 Kai Sedgwick Kai Sedgwick: If You’re a Wikipedia Contributor, Owning Cryptocurrency May Be a Conflict of Interest
22:19 Blocklancer Group Blocklancer Group: Dev Diary #12
22:03 krakenfx krakenfx: Daily Market Report for April 23 2018
21:39 Paul Schmitzer Paul Schmitzer: T-Shirt Contest: Winning Designs
21:22 BitClave BitClave: Weekly Update — Apr 22, 2018
21:17 On.Live On.Live: Develop new skills and earn with your hobby On.Live!
21:00 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: India Divided on Whether to Ban Crypto Use
20:20 Kasper Rasmussen Kasper Rasmussen: EOS Block Producer Application
20:14 admin admin: Central Bank of Iran bans Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the country
20:01 LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets LATOKEN - unlock the value of your assets: LATOKEN Update: Improved Trading Interface, Wallet and Account Section, Regulatory Webinar and US…
19:59 — Decentralized vehicle history — Decentralized vehicle history: VINchain at eMerge Americas!
19:52 Joël Valenzuela Joël Valenzuela: Dash Targets Global Liberty Movement Conferences With Key Partnerships
19:10 BANKEX BANKEX: Groundbreaking BKX Purchase: MediaToken Success
19:08 Bitfinex Bitfinex: Bitfinex | EOS Block Producer Candidate
19:00 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Russian Government Concerned Crypto Bill Inadequate in Many Ways
18:59 Fund Platform Fund Platform: Paper wallets as a safe storage of crypto assets
18:46 Eric Schallock Eric Schallock: Announcing the Decentraland SDK Alpha
18:30 PR PR: PR: aXpire Introduces MatchBX to the Blockchain Community
18:10 BitClave BitClave: Development in Blockchain Scaling ⚡
17:58 Coinfloor Coinfloor: Provable Solvency Report #49 - April 2018
17:51 Ludmila Lopes Ludmila Lopes: Claim your bounty AUC tokens
17:22 BoldNinja BoldNinja: ARK Hackathon Projects Have a New Home Under One Roof
17:08 REMME REMME: WandX Joins REMME’s 2018 Pilot Program
17:00 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Finland Has Identified Thousands of Bitcoin Traders Who Owe Taxes
16:30 NAVIADDRESS NAVIADDRESS: Guide: How to use Naviaddress App
16:27 Madelyn Young Madelyn Young: Kin Hits The Conference Circuit: Upcoming Speaking Events
16:13 DeHedge DeHedge: INVEST IN YOUR DNA!
16:08 Liz Grayson Liz Grayson: How do Startups establish a Product Roadmap?
16:04 Nadja Beneš Nadja Beneš: Gnosis DutchX and Initial OWL Generation Bug Bounty
15:57 Papyrus Papyrus: The Papyrus Road Show
15:37 HOQU HOQU: The HOQU team answers the most frequently asked questions!
15:28 Polybius Polybius: Joint venture between San Marino Innovation and Polybius places the Republic at the forefront of…
15:13 Waves Platform Waves Platform: Waves-NG: Speed, Capacity and a Bit of Blockchain for Dummies
15:11 Serenity Financial Serenity Financial: Serenity announces new partner: Make Capital Group
15:01 Taklimakan Network Taklimakan Network: The 2nd phase of our bonus system is over.
15:01 Qtum Qtum: Decentralized Prediction Market, Bodhi, Launches on Qtum
15:00 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Central Bank of Iran Bans Banks from Crypto
14:44 Safinus Safinus: Safinus Platform Trading Tools
14:30 Origami Network Origami Network: Origami Network — 23/04/2018 updates
14:26 Watch Lympo’s press conference with Caroline Wozniacki and CEO Ada Jonuse
14:14 Digix Digix: Partnership: MARKET Protocol to provide decentralized derivatives traders with gold-backed…
14:00 Justin Szilard Justin Szilard: Dash Presents At The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Russia
13:33 Przemysław Budziszewski Przemysław Budziszewski: Out Now: easyMINE beta.0.3.4
13:31 PumaPay PumaPay: 7 Crypto-Hottest Countries
13:27 Natalie Natalie: Recently Restricted for Card Withdrawals Countries
13:27 Natalie Natalie: Countries Recently Restricted for Card Withdrawals
13:09 Anna Anna: The Big Bang Challenge.
13:04 Unocoin Unocoin: How to buy Bitcoin in India with NEFT/IMPS/RTGS
13:00 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Snatching Blockchain, Tracking Bitcoin
12:17 Eligma Eligma: Expert reviewers on crowdsale listing sites give Eligma outstanding reviews
12:08 Anna Anna: The First Weeklys Challeges
12:07 Metaverse Metaverse: Eric attended Global Blockchain World Tour Summit in Macau
12:03 Lewis Abela Lewis Abela: Các cố vấn và Đại diện quốc gia mới của Kyber Network
12:01 Loi Luu Loi Luu: New Advisors and Country Rep At Kyber Network
12:00 Anna Anna: The First Weeklys Challenges
11:53 Opporty ICO Opporty ICO: First Backend Version of Plasma Solution Released
11:37 PARKGENE PARKGENE: PARKGENE Status Update – April 23
11:35 Opporty ICO Opporty ICO: Token Supply Update
11:28 C. Edward Kelso C. Edward Kelso: Telegram Urges Paper Airplane Protest, Pussy Riot Activist Arrested
11:22 EnergiToken EnergiToken: Is ETK the token Millennials have been waiting for?
11:11 Follow Coin Follow Coin: Our RFINEX listing nightmare
11:11 QUOINE QUOINE: Fusion is now LIVE on QRYPTOS
10:34 BitRewards BitRewards: Local Trends in Loyalty Management Systems
10:30 PR PR: PR: Decentralized Exchange Decoin Launches Its Initial Coin Offering – Profit Sharing by Proof of Stake

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