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July 16, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
09:21 iOlite iOlite: Winners of iOlite #3 Smart Contract Competition!
09:14 TE-FOOD TE-FOOD: TE-FOOD Progress Report 4.
09:05 ModulTrade ModulTrade: How ModulTrade is Changing Trust Perception in International Trading
09:05 Cool Cousin Cool Cousin: Business Insider: Cool Cousin’s “Got it Right”
08:47 Valorem Foundation Valorem Foundation: Valorem Registeration
08:00 Nate Tsang Nate Tsang: Episode 003: Is Ethereum Overvalued?
06:25 Unocoin Unocoin: $8 million home can be bought by Bitcoin!
05:30 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Russia Now Has a Registry of Whitelisted Crypto Companies
04:57 David Shi David Shi: Partnership | Moeda Daily News
04:21 Metaverse Team Metaverse Team: Metaverse Weekly Report (7.09–7.13)
03:44 FundYourselfNow FundYourselfNow: Blockchain Disrupting Finance — Payments and Escrow
03:40 Kai Sedgwick Kai Sedgwick: Why Governance is the Greatest Problem for Blockchains To Solve
03:40 Kai Sedgwick Kai Sedgwick: Why Governance is the Greatest Problem That Blockchains Must Solve
01:40 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Major Korean Exchange Bithumb Expanding into Japan and Thailand

July 15, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:00 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: BCH Roundup: Steady Development, Market Uptrends, and New Apps
22:03 krakenfx krakenfx: Daily Market Report for July 15 2018
21:25 Samuel Haig Samuel Haig: Australian Firms Partner to Provide Crypto Custody Services
17:20 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Have You Tried Blockchain 5.0 Yet? Nobody Else Has Either
17:10 Welcome to another summer edition of the Plutus Weekly Report.
16:22 Reuben Yap Reuben Yap: Zcoin Vulnerability Bounty Program
14:55 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: Three Russian Universities Add Crypto Courses and Diplomas
14:21 Joël Valenzuela Joël Valenzuela: Do Dash Treasury-Funded Projects Have an Inherent PR Problem?
13:25 Sunday TIMEs Issue #39
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 15 July 2018
13:16 Blocklancer Group Blocklancer Group: Dev Diary #19 — Mobile App Testing
12:55 Avi Mizrahi Avi Mizrahi: This Week in Bitcoin: New Exchanges, Bancor Breach, Binance CEO vs Vitalik
10:53 On.Live On.Live: On.Live — the fusion of live streaming marketplaces.
02:42 Loyakk Vega Loyakk Vega: Loyakk Keynote @ ConnectAsia 2018 in Singapore
01:35 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Chile Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Crypto Exchange Against Bank
01:00 NameCoin NameCoin: ElectrumX: Name Scripts

July 14, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:35 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: One Guy Controls the Lightning Network’s Biggest Node
22:03 krakenfx krakenfx: Daily Market Report for July 14 2018
21:30 Samuel Haig Samuel Haig: Markets Update: HODLers Pray for Higher Lows, Prospective Coinbase Listings Rally
19:50 Celebrates 2.5 Million Wallets Created in Less Than a Year
18:00 Mark Mason Mark Mason: Dash Podcast 60 – Feat. Paul Puey CEO & Co-Founder of Edge
17:50 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Indian Central Bank Justifies Its Crypto Stance – Outlines Key Areas of Concern
17:26 Peter Reiseman Peter Reiseman: The District Weekly — July 14th, 2018
16:00 Wendy McElroy Wendy McElroy: Wendy McElroy: Does Your Money Serve the State or You?
15:05 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Study Finds Cryptocurrency Rebalance Portfolios Outperform ‘Hodling’
15:01 BitRewards BitRewards: BitRewards announces partnership with AnySign
14:39 Karma Project Karma Project: Karma and Ink Protocol have teamed up to build an economy of trust.
14:24 Justin Szilard Justin Szilard: This Week In Dash: July 9-14
13:31 Dether Dether: It’s the World Cup Final of Blockchain Regulation!
13:20 Cointrends Cointrends: Daily Cryptomarket Overview - 14 July 2018
13:05 Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev: The Daily: Russians Used Bitcoin to Hack US Elections, Trader Bets on the Price of BTC
13:04 Cashaa Cashaa: Kumar Gaurav at The Entrepreneur India and Asia Pacific Annual Convention 2018
11:29 ASCH ASCH: “ChainClub Tour 2018“ — Shanghai & Nanjing
10:30 PR PR: PR: W12 – a Platform Raising New Generation of Smart Contracts – Winner at the World Blockchain Forum (NYC)
07:55 Samuel Haig Samuel Haig: Australian Bank Bans Use of Mortgage Funds for Crypto Speculation
07:24 QUOINE QUOINE: Mike’s weekend message to QUOINE community (July 14th, 2018)
03:30 Kai Sedgwick Kai Sedgwick: What Does the Future Hold for Augur’s Prediction Market?
01:30 Samuel Haig Samuel Haig: New York Approves New Electricity Rates for Crypto Miners

July 13, 2018

Time Coin Newsline
23:30 Samuel Haig Samuel Haig: Tether Announces Appointment of New Chief Compliance Officer
23:14 adChain adChain: The Road to the Mainnet and Beyond
23:08 Tae Oh Tae Oh: Gluwa’s Vision, Explained
22:51 Team Ripple Team Ripple: Ask Me Anything with David Schwartz and Asheesh Birla
22:33 admin admin: Writing a White Paper for an ICO: expert recommendations
22:03 krakenfx krakenfx: Daily Market Report for July 13 2018
21:30 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman: Nchain Group Granted Three New Blockchain Patents
21:07 admin admin: Shenzhen Stock Exchange investigates Leshi’s plans to mine cryptocurrency
21:01 Coinbase Coinbase: Coinbase is Exploring Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, and 0x
20:42 — Decentralized vehicle history — Decentralized vehicle history: VINstuff #12 (July 9 — July 15)
19:30 Want to Develop Bitcoin Cash Apps? Has You Covered
18:30 PR PR: PR: Challenging Ethereum – DBX Public Chain Offers a New Business Application Model
18:00 Justin Szilard Justin Szilard: New Information On Dash Ventures and Its Benefits Revealed By Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group
17:12 Kevin Helms Kevin Helms: Japanese Police Seize Cryptocurrency for Parking Violations
17:08 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |Голосуйте за листинг The Abyss на бирже KuCoin!
17:07 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |去KuCoin交易所为The Abyss投票!
17:06 The Аbyss Team The Аbyss Team: |Bỏ phiếu cho The Abyss trên Sàn KuCoin!
17:00 Safinus Safinus: Safinus Project Updates

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