Volunteering and cultural exchange is very important for the whole world and will certainly provide various good benefits. Culture is the ideas, social behavior, or habits of a particular person or society. So the cultural exchange is various aspects of one’s own culture with other cultures.

Cultural exchange occurs when two people from different backgrounds give each other ideas, stories, feelings, and also their customs. In contrast to cultural appropriation where the dominant culture takes or claims a smaller culture. Cultural exchanges should be beneficial for both parties.

One of the easiest ways to do cultural exchange is to volunteer for cultural exchange abroad. Volunteering abroad will certainly provide a very valuable experience for us. We can take the opportunity to learn about the country from person to person.

Volunteering and Cultural Exchange, Here Are Some Examples

Examples of Volunteering and Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange teaches us about differences between each other and there can be different ideas and experiences. Then it also teaches us that there is no reason to treat people differently due to several factors. For example, because of gender, skin color, or religion.

Cultural exchange can also be inspiring because we have gained a variety of new information that can produce a great blend of styles. Not only for creative people but also for everyone. In addition to some of these benefits, cultural exchange certainly still has various other benefits.

Examples of volunteering and cultural exchange are very diverse. Here are some examples:

Music and Dance

The first example of cultural exchange is by introducing each other to music and dance from a country. Every country in the world certainly has different distinctive music and dances and is certainly very interesting. We can see and learn how people in other countries make music and dance.

Learn Languages

Learning a foreign language is also included in the cultural exchange that can be done by volunteers. By learning a language, we can communicate with many people who do not speak our language. There are many ways to volunteering and cultural exchange, one of which is by learning from indigenous people.


Food also belongs to a very important part of the culture. Even learning or getting to know food from other countries can be a great way to learn about the culture of other countries. As a cultural exchange volunteer, you can taste and even try cooking food from other countries.

Thus the discussion about volunteering and cultural exchange from one culture or country to another. Here we know that examples of cultural exchange are indeed very diverse.