There are many unique local festivals in Indonesia, and each festival has its own meaning. Indonesia is not only famous for its tourist destinations.

But culture is also quite unique and interesting to review. Certainly, Indonesian culture is very global and able to give an impression in various parts of the world. One of them is the festival, for this event the implementation is only once a year.

Unique Local Festivals in Indonesia, You Must Know

Unique Local Festivals in Indonesia

Not only one or two unique festivals in Indonesia. Talking about Indonesia is definitely endless. Indonesia itself has many tribes and each tribe has its own culture.

So with the many cultures that Indonesia has. Indonesia has become friendlier to the ears of foreigners. The various festivals in this beloved country also certainly have their own meaning. For that, here are some Indonesian festivals.

Easter Tradition

The Pasola tradition is a festival of dexterity games throwing wooden javelins at each other while riding a horse. Basically, this festival is part of a series of traditional ceremonies of the Sumbanese people who still adhere to the Merapi religion.

This festival is held in four villages in West Sumba, Kodi, Wanokaka, and Gaura districts. Pasola is held in four villages in rotation from February to March each year.

 Cow Race

Karapan sapi is the second unique festival in Indonesia to call a cow racing competition in Madura, East Java. In this race, a pair of cows will pull the wooden carriage where you stand, controlling the cows.

So later these cows will compete with each other on a 100-meter race track. For some cities, Madura holds this festival in August and September every year. The final match ended in September, located in the former city of Pemekasan Resident.

Lake Toba Festival

The third festival, namely Lake Toba, is actually a replacement for the Lake Toba Festival. This festival was held on the idea of ​​”Kemenparekraf” in collaboration with the Head of the North Sumatra Tourism Office.

This is to present a festival that can become a tourist attraction. Lake Toba is trying to elevate local culture more slick and professional.

Grebeg Maulud

Grebeg Maulud is a Yogyakarta festival to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday which falls on the 12th of Rabiul Awal. This festival, Wovger will see relationships and community parading.

So the mountains contain various kinds of vegetables and other crops. This means a symbol of the prosperity and wealth of the Mataram land.

Certainly when this festival takes place, many people watch and participate. Usually before the Grebeg Maulud celebration there will be Sekaten. Besides Grebeg Maulud, there is also Grebeg Besar and Syawal. The festival is only distinguished by the date.

The unique local festivals above are definitely very exciting and very entertaining for you. Especially if you have a holiday when the day of the festival is definitely more fun.