– Who would have thought, behind Indonesia’s extraordinary natural beauty, there are still many hidden paradises that not many people know about. One of them is The Exotic Charm of Pink Beach, an exotic and beautiful beach that holds a million charms.Pink Beach, or better known as Tangsi Beach, is a tourist spot that is quite unique and special. Located on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara, this beach has natural pink sand. The existence of Pink Beach is still not very well known, even by local residents. But, believe me, once you get here, you will definitely be amazed by its extraordinary beauty and uniqueness.

The Exotic Charm of Pink Beach

So, if you have heard about The Exotic Charm of Pink Beach or are planning to visit it, let’s read the complete review below!

Revealing the Charm of Pink Beach

Pink Beach or Tangsi Beach is one of the hidden natural charms on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. This beach has its own uniqueness, namely natural pink sand which is very beautiful and rarely found in other places.

The pink color of the sand at Tangsi Beach is caused by the destruction of coral reefs that have eroded along the beach. When these corals are eroded by sea water and exposed to sunlight, a light refraction effect will occur which makes the sand pink.

Apart from having exotic pink sand, Tangsi Beach also offers beautiful and calm beach views. The wide coastline, surrounded by coral cliffs, and the clear blue sea, create a perfect beautiful combination.

It’s not surprising, many tourists come here just to enjoy the unique beauty of the beach which is rarely found in other places. Apart from that, Tangsi Beach is also a paradise for photography lovers and sunset enthusiasts.

Exploring the Charm of Pink Beach

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Pink Beach or Tangsi Beach, you need to travel quite a long way. This beach is located on Komodo Island, about 300 kilometers east of Bima City, West Nusa Tenggara. From Labuan Bajo, the capital of West Manggarai Regency where Komodo National Park is located, the distance to Tangsi Beach is about 45 minutes by road. To get here, you can use various modes of transportation, from private cars, motorbikes, to renting a pick-up.

When you arrive there, the beautiful view of Pink Beach will immediately welcome you. The pink sand of the beach contrasts with the blue sea and green hills around it. This color combination really makes the eyes unblinking. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can also relax on the beach, sunbathe, or take a walk along the wide coastline. Don’t forget to immortalize the moment by taking photos in the best spots, especially at sunset.

At Pink Beach, you can also enjoy various other interesting activities, such as snorkeling, swimming, or visiting the caves around the beach. There are many beautiful spots that you can explore and enjoy here. So, to be able to explore Pink Beach more freely, it’s a good idea to stay at least one night in this area. That way, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach in the morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Places to Stay Around Pink Beach

Even though Pink Beach is a tourist destination that is still rarely known, around this area there are several accommodation options available that you can use as a place to stay.

Some recommendations for places to stay around Pink Beach include:

1. Pink Beach Lodge

One of the most popular lodging options around Pink Beach is Pink Beach Lodge. The location is only about 5 minutes from the beach, so you can easily reach the location.

This inn offers comfortable and clean rooms, equipped with various facilities such as air conditioning, TV, bathroom and Wi-Fi. There is also

a communal space perfect for relaxing.

Apart from that, Pink Beach Lodge also provides activity packages, from snorkeling, hiking, to visiting Komodo National Park. So, you can enjoy various facilities and activities in one place.

2. Komodo Eco Lodge

Apart from Pink Beach Lodge, another well-known accommodation option around Pink Beach is Komodo Eco Lodge. The location is also not far from the beach, only about 10 minutes by land.

Komodo Eco Lodge offers a more natural atmosphere and is close to nature. Apart from clean and comfortable rooms, here you can also enjoy beautiful natural views and interesting activities such as snorkeling or trekking.

One of the main attractions of Komodo Eco Lodge is that it offers complete activity packages, ranging from trekking packages, snorkeling packages, to packages to see wild Komodo dragons in their habitat.

3. Seraya Resort

Lastly, there is Seraya Resort which is also quite well known as a place to stay around Pink Beach. The location is only about 20 minutes from the beach.

Seraya Resort offers accommodation with a more luxurious and exclusive atmosphere, equipped with swimming pool, restaurant and bar facilities. Apart from that, from here you can also enjoy various activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or fishing.

Even though it is a little further from Pink Beach, Seraya Resort could be the right choice if you want accommodation with more complete and luxurious facilities.

So, with the various accommodation options above, you can choose according to your preferences and budget. What is certain is that everything will pamper you with the extraordinary beauty of Pink Beach.

Exciting Activities at Pink Beach

Apart from enjoying the beautiful views of the beach, at Pink Beach you can also enjoy various exciting and fun activities. Here are some activities you can try:


The first activity you must try is snorkeling. The waters around Pink Beach hold extraordinary underwater beauty. You can see beautiful expanses of coral reefs and various types of beautiful tropical fish.

For snorkeling, there are many best spots around the beach that you can explore. Usually, accommodation around Pink Beach also provides snorkeling equipment and guides.


Apart from under the sea, you can also explore the natural beauty on land. Trekking along the cliffs or mountains around Pink Beach can be a fun activity choice.

The trekking route will take you to enjoy beautiful beach views, as well as exploring caves and other cool photo spots. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture your best moments.

Watching the Sunset

While at Pink Beach, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset. The view of the sun setting on the western horizon with a pink sandy beach as a backdrop is truly enchanting.

You can enjoy the sunset by relaxing on the beach, or even immortalize it in a photo. Don’t forget, choose the best spot so you can get maximum photo results.

Exploring the Caves

Around Pink Beach, you can also explore the caves scattered along the beach. Some of these caves hold unique natural views and are interesting to explore.

With a flashlight or headlamp, you can explore the depths of these caves. It could be that you will find Instagrammable spots that are a shame to miss.

Visiting Komodo Island

Because Pink Beach is located on Komodo Island, you can also visit the famous Komodo National Park. Here, you can meet the iconic Komodo animal directly in its habitat.

Apart from seeing Komodo, you can also enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of Komodo National Park, such as beaches, forests and beautiful mountain views.

So, those are some fun activities that you can try when visiting Pink Beach. With this variety of choices, you can definitely spend the most time here.

Enjoy the Pink Beach Wisely

After knowing the charm and uniqueness of Pink Beach, surely you can’t wait to visit it, right? But, don’t forget to maintain and preserve the beauty of this beach, okay?

There are several things you can do to enjoy Pink Beach wisely, including:

1. Keep the Beach Clean: While at Pink Beach, make sure not to throw rubbish carelessly. Bring back the rubbish you produce and throw it away in the place provided.

2. Respect Local Rules: Obey all rules and instructions given by local managers or guides. This is important to maintain beach safety and sustainability.

3. Don’t damage the environment: Avoid carrying out activities that can damage the environment, such as trampling coral reefs or disturbing the habitat of wild animals.

4. Respect Local Culture: Respect the culture and traditions of local communities around Pink Beach. Don’t do things that might annoy or insult them.

5. Use environmentally friendly transportation: When going to Pink Beach, consider using environmentally friendly transportation, such as bicycles or electric vehicles.

By following the tips above, you can enjoy the beauty of Pink Beach while maintaining its sustainability. So, future generations can also experience the beauty of this hidden paradise.


So, that’s a complete review of The Exotic Charm of Pink Beach or Tangsi Beach, one of the hidden paradises on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. This beach is still not as popular as other destinations, but its uniqueness and beauty are extraordinary.

From natural pink sand, beautiful views of the sea and mountains, to a variety of exciting activities that can be enjoyed, The Exotic Charm of Pink Beach is truly a destination that must be visited. Moreover, supported by adequate accommodation around the area.

So, don’t hesitate any longer, let’s immediately plan your vacation to Pink Beach! Enjoy its exotic charm, capture beautiful moments, and don’t forget to preserve this beach. Happy holidays!