River and lake adventures always leave a memorable experience. Rivers and lakes have their own charm. So, it’s a shame to miss it. Both natural and artificial lakes successfully present amazing views.

River and Lake Adventures The Best Choice More Comfortable

The World’s Best River and Lake Adventures

Vacationing at the beach is exciting. Although both are water tourism, the lake has its own charisma. One of them is the water that is always calm. This is very appropriate if your visit aims to calm your mind and fatigue with daily activities.

Heaven Lake (Tian Chi)

River and lake adventures with the next Instagramable spot is located in China. Tian Chi or Heaven Lake is the most beautiful lake that is never empty of visitors.

Originally, Heaven Lake was an artificial lake that functioned to hold water and irrigation purposes. Thanks to the creativity of local residents and the support of the beautiful scenery around the lake, Heaven Lake was formed.

The river and lake water is very clear and clean. At first glance it looks like a magnifying glass. Everything that is above the surface of the lake will undergo light refraction which eventually gives it an amazing look.

Exploring the beauty around the lake by rafting is the best way. You can invite friends to make it more exciting.

Crater Lake in the United States

Oregon has a lake that was formed due to a natural event, namely the eruption of Mount Mazama thousands of years ago. Today, it is the deepest caldera lake in the U.S., at 2,148 feet deep.

Since it is not at all connected to rivers or other water access, people conclude that the lake water is the purest in the world. There are no pollutants of any kind contained in the lake water.

Come visit at dusk crawl or evening. You will be amazed to see its beauty.

The lake is located between 2 islands that are a favorite place for climbers. Wizard Island is a cinder cone island with an elevation of 233 meters (763 ft) above the surface of the lake.

In addition to climbing, tourists can also scuba diving along the caldera as deep as 90 meters.

The other island is Phantom Island located southeast of Crater Lake. The grueling climb to the summit will not disappoint. You can enjoy fantastic views from the peak.

Five Flowers Lake

This river and lake adventures location is located in the Rize Valley, China. The local people also named it Jiuzhaigou Lake. There are also those who nicknamed him Son of The Sea.

Maybe even the only lake that has such a beautiful tosca green hue is Five Flowers Lake.

The clear lake water makes it easy for visitors to witness the beauty of green vegetation surrounding the lake.

Water clarity due to the content of calcium carbonate and hydrophytes. This content also makes the lake water colorful. There are bright yellow, blackish blue, blue, and of course tosca as its featured colors.

The water surface that is always calm is suitable for river and lake adventure rides. You can explore the beauty around the lake by kayaking.

Going on river and lake adventures provides its own benefits. Water-based tourism is able to provide positive energy so that it relaxes the mind.