The most popular camping and glamping sites in the world can be a reference place to spend a vacation. Glamping is not just camping. This modern camping trend presents complete facilities wrapped in luxury and follows the tastes of the times.

Camping and Glamping Sites with Instagrammable Spots

Best Camping and Glamping Sites Recommendations in the World

A vacation in nature can make the mind refresh again. However, considering the amount of accommodation you have to bring makes it reluctant to do so.

With the concept of camping, now many glamping places have sprung up with modern and luxurious facilities. Well, if you crave a vacation in nature but still want to feel luxury, the following recommendations can be an option.

The Tree Tops England

With a capacity of 6 guests, you can have a memorable camping experience at The Treetops, Lancashire, England. The owner of the camping and glamping sites is Derry Green.

The Tree Tops are the most expensive glamping pods. From the name, of course you know if the design relies on the concept of a tree house.

Tenants can enjoy a hot tub and luxurious rooms complete with slides and billiard tables. You can also get the luxury of a master toilet and hot shower.

Sleeping in a safari tent located at tree height becomes an unforgettable experience. Want to know where to enjoy such a beautiful forest view? You can enjoy all corners of the tent. This is thanks to the front window of the tent made of acrylic.

Relax in the octagonal living room by sitting comfortably on a bean bag or outside around the fireplace. There is also a balcony with easy access via stairs.

Les Cabanes des Benauges in France

Still with the concept of tree houses, camping and glamping sites in France are also not too bad. Les Cabanes des Bauges accommodates 5 people.

The facilities available are free WiFi, a beautiful terrace garden, and beautiful spots in the form of views of Mount Arbis. It really offers the luxury of a five-star inn. Just prepare a budget of around 106 pounds sterling or equal to Rp 1.9 million rupiah for a 1-night rate.

Whitepod, Switzerland

Who does not recognize the beauty of the Swiss city? This time, Switzerland showed off a camping and glamping sites called Whitepod.

The location alone is in the center of the Snow Alps. So, anyone who comes can enjoy the snow, and beautiful scenery against the aesthetic backdrop of Lake Geneva.

The sensation of staying in it is like in an igloo house or observatory. Room facilities include a mattress, kitchen, terrace, private bathroom, and wood burning stove.

Uniquely, the color of the pod will change according to the season. When winter will be white. When spring will be green.

Are you interested in making one of the camping and glamping sites listed in the review? Make sure to look for updated price info so you can choose which one is suitable. Also adjust to the budget you have.