Diving and snorkeling hotspots in Indonesia have lots of reference places and each place has its own charm. Diving is indeed one of the most popular activities for travelers. Usually activities like this are mostly done on the beach. For you local travelers, of course, you are eager to visit diving spots, which are not just that.

You don’t need to feel deprived, because in Indonesia itself there are many choices of popular diving locations. For that, just read the article below which will provide the best Indonesian diving locations in 2023.

The Best Diving and Snorkeling Hotspots in Indonesia, Beautiful and Amazing

Indonesia’s Best Diving and Snorkeling Hotspots

Not just one or two locations for diving and snorkeling hotspots in this beloved country. Yes, Indonesia offers a lot of tourist charms that are just right to awaken your sense of adventure.

One of them is by tracing the marine wealth under the sea in the archipelago. It’s no longer a secret that Indonesia is often a diving destination for many tourists from various cities and even countries. Immediately, here are some places.

Raja Ampat

First Indonesia’s most popular diving activity, namely Raja Ampat. Yes, of course, the Indonesian people are already familiar with this one tourist destination.

Raja Ampat itself is an area consisting of more than 600 islands. Raja Ampat is not only famous for its beautiful nature, but also as the best diving point in Indonesia which is worldwide.


Wakatobi in 1996 has been designate as a national park. The Wakatobi area is also a world biosphere reserve which is known as one of the best dive destinations even at the national level.

You can explore the natural wealth under the sea of ​​Wakatobi by exploring the cluster of Wakatobi Islands such as Wangi Island, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

Alor Islands

Located in East Nusa Tenggara, the Alor archipelago consists of a group of beautiful islands that are one of the tourist destinations that provide the most beautiful natural scenery, including that of the sea in this area.

There are more than 20 dive points in this area that tourists can enjoy. Then you will find amazing marine life with various species of coral reefs.


Located in the Java Sea, Karimunjawa is a group of islands that was designate as a National Park in 2001. This place is known as a shark sanctuary which is never empty of tourist visits. Karimunjawa’s underwater world also makes it a favorite diving spot for Indonesians.


Bali is a tourist paradise for Indonesia that never ends with visits from foreign tourists. There are many dive points you can do in Bali starting from Nusa Penida Bay, Batu Abah, and Manta Point, to Malibu Point’ in Nusa Penida, and many more.

Of the several Diving and snorkeling hotspots above which one would you like to visit first, make sure you are on vacation with your family.