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Conceptual Model

ACT is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that supports social accountability globally by aggregating micro payments from citizens to fund grass roots proposals that drive change. Social accountability can be described as the extent and capability of citizens to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needs. The ACT Token is a reward token that governs the distribution of 15% of platform revenue to proposal curators. Platform revenue is generated from citizens purchasing votes that can be applied within limits to proposals. Once a proposal is vetted by curators, and the community agrees to fund it through a voting round, a smart contract triggers payment. ACT can operate at any scale and any speed to drive the change we need to see.

Project Description

ACT is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) created to address social accountability by using aggregated capital that is contributed by citizens in order to fund grass roots proposals that drive change on pressing social, political or economical issues.The ACT Initial Coin Offering period will start on the 18th of November and will last until the 18th of January or until all ACT tokens are sold. During the ICO and Pre-ICO campaigns, a total of 80 billion tokens (20%) will be destributed to the campaign participants. ICO cap — to be decided after WINGS.ai price forecast event (before the pre-ICO) and announced prior to the commencement of fundraising. There may be small early stage bonus’ during the ICO up to 1.1x for a limited amount of time at the beginning of the event. 

Founders and Associates

Fraser Brown -CEO

Ian Cunningham -Project Manager

Ganesh Yung -Managing Director, Draglet, Lead Architect

Johannes Angermeier, Draglet -Lead Developer

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ACT Latest Updates
December 24, 2018

ACT project update

ACT project updateFraser BrownDec 24, 2018See https://daoact.orgAs you’ll see on the new ACT website we have invited feedback and discussion about how the project should advance. In summary:Option A: As part of the open source communityOption B: By seeking grants and support from...

From: ACT

July 29, 2018

DAOACT testnet launch

Today we are delighted to launch DAOACT on Rinkeby testnet.This simple video demonstrates a proposal’s journey from submission through curation, voting and then funding:You are welcome to test the testnet version.Here are the steps:Get hold of some test-CE7 so that you can use the...

From: Fraser Brown

July 01, 2018

Introducing ACT Funds

As we hurtle towards mainnet, more and more potential applications for ACT Funds seem to hit us every day.Oh yes, you (our community) doesn’t yet know what an ACT Fund is…Let me fix that. About four months ago it dawned on us that ACT’s decentralized curation platform should be more like...

From: Fraser Brown

January 30, 2018

Where we stand after token distribution

According to TokenTracker CE7 is currently held by 6244 addresses, and according to our distribution, the spread across curator categories is as follows:1257 accounts hold between 5 and 2000 CE7, and are therefore entitled to a 10% share of curator rewards;237 accounts hold between 2000 and...

From: Fraser Brown

January 08, 2018

A Journey into Activism

One of the last posts before our long awaited ICO shall focus on Activists and Activism.In addition to a focus on product development the ACT team has been forging alliances and connections with activists and movements globally.In August after the successful pre-ICO we returned to Wales to learn...

From: Fraser Brown

December 28, 2017

Latest information and resources in one place!

Quick, and I mean quick, summary of the latest information:Big article on Medium about White Paper updatesTL/DR:Focused on the big news: 10 million not 10 billion tokens minted. Token is called ACT Curation Engine with the ticker CE7. Accordingly, those expecting “1000 ACT Tokens” get “1...

From: Fraser Brown

December 14, 2017

We just released v 1.3 of the ACT Platform white paper. Here’s what you need to know …

Since our successful pre-ICO in July, we have been focused on building our product. We just announced the dates of our ICO, and published v 1.3 of the ACT white paper.For our new followers and those uninformed, ACT is empowering people by creating a decentralized funding platform for Activism...

From: Fraser Brown

October 05, 2017

Instructions for ACT Alpha testers

coming soon )Instructions for ACT Alpha testers was originally published in DAOACT on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

From: Fraser Brown

August 15, 2017

ACT — Gain Access. What does it mean?

Thank you for your interest in the ACT platform.But what does “gain access” mean? In fact it could mean three things:1. Pre-Release AccessYou love seizing opportunities and hate to miss them. Pre-release Access allows you to secure double ACT tokens compared to participating in our ICO in...

From: Fraser Brown

July 31, 2017

ACT — Inflection Point

Scale will happen on the ACT platform after the inflection pointOut of the many discussions during these past few weeks of pre-ICO, the question most frequently on participant’s minds was, “how will ACT achieve scale”?To answer this we need to look at the inflection point. What are the...

From: Fraser Brown

July 24, 2017

A bit thanks to all those who listed our pre-ICO

coingecko.comsmithandcrown.comicotracker.netcoinschedule.comcointelegraph.comtokensalecalendar.comicocrowd.com/calendaricorating.comicoalert.comtokenmarket.neturbancrypto.comapplancer.coA bit thanks to all those who listed our pre-ICO was originally published in DAOACT on Medium, where people...

From: Fraser Brown

July 18, 2017

ACT blockchain startup is creating NGO 2.0

https://medium.com/media/812947e63d05a9d20b9474f45ab049fb/hrefA while back, when I was working for Humaniq, I wrote an article about how blockchain is going help make philanthropic organizations better. The stripped down essence of it is that under the current models, there is a big gap between...

From: Dwight Sproull

The WINGS price discovery event has concluded.

Here’s how the community rated the ACT pre-ICO in terms of how much ETH it could raise during pre-ICO (18th July, 2017 at 17:00 CEST) http://ico.daoact.org.RESULT: 15000 ETH (approximately $3 million)WINGS (https://wings.ai) combines decentralized decision-making for filtering out low quality...

From: Fraser Brown

July 17, 2017

ACT pre-ICO smart contract audit results

No Critical Issues Reported and Crowdsale is On-ScheduleRegarding our pre-ICO smart contract, Nick Johnson and Makoto Inoue were appointed to perform an independent audit. London based Nick and Makoto completed a joint report on Saturday 15th, July. We agreed at the commencement of the...

From: Ian Cunningham

July 12, 2017

Questions about the questions!

Its absolutely amazing how many people (2725 at time of writing) have completed the questionnaire and learned about ACT, which, historically, is now live on WINGS.ai.Anytime we get overwhelmed by our work for the community, we just dip into the comments to get encouraged to drive on! Actually, I...

From: Fraser Brown

Over 2000 project feedback comments. Guaranteed to cheer up your day!

Thanks Great Poject!! will suport the ico aswell!!!Keep on the right track. We all need to help one another. Wooihooo no feedbackYou have a great project at hand, please make this happen.All the best DAOACT teamRfrfGreat Job. Considering to investThanks Very like your idea and waiting pre-ico!...

From: Fraser Brown

July 11, 2017

Market Correction a welcome opportunity to look beyond the hype

“It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner” Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations 1776It is with a mixture of relief and expectation that I greet the downturn in cryptomarkets in the last two weeks.Pricing and market dynamics can usually be...

From: Ian Cunningham