Reuben Yap: Zcoin welcomes yet another cryptographer to the team to develop Zcoin’s next generation privacy protocol

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We would like to welcome Aram Jivanyan as a cryptography advisor to our team!

Aram is a cryptographer turned CEO. He is the founding CEO of Skycryptor, Techstars company pioneering the development of proxy re-encryption algorithms. Skycryptor first product called BeSafe IO is deployed in dozen SME and enterprise enabling to secure, control and track sensitive business documents in the cloud and beyond. Before founding Skycryptor Aram worked as senior cryptography researcher and development team lead at the American University of Armenia where the scientific group conducted cryptography research for Fortune 1000 industrial partners such as Samsung and Mentor Graphics. Aram’s main research interest included white-box cryptography, searchable encryption methods, oblivious transfer protocols and cryptographic e-voting systems.

Aram will be working together closely with our other PhD cryptographer Martun to help Zcoin develop its next gen privacy protocol that improves on many aspects of the original Zerocoin paper including removal of trusted setup, increase in anonymity set and reduced proof sizes and evaluating and implementing technologies such as Sigma and bulletproofs which would prove to be highly competitive to existing privacy solutions such as zkSNARKs. Zcoin is aiming to have a whitepaper out that details this next gen privacy protocol by early Q3 2018.

With his interest in cryptographic e-voting systems, Aram would also be instrumental in assisting Zcoin in the implementation of zero knowledge proofs in blockchain voting systems which would allow governments and organisations to either hold elections or polls in a way that identity can be verified but privacy as to the way they voted or answered the poll.

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September 12, 2018

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Putta Khunchalee joining Zcoin team as developer

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