Rodney F. Witcher, II: Wolk Summer Update

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Swarm Orange Summit, Consensus, Token Summit and SwarmDB v0.2 is almost here!

The months of May and June consisted of us taking the show on the road, attending a number of conferences and talks. We met with tons of potential customers and partners, sharing our vision of decentralized database services, discussing a number of projects that need and want SwarmDB! Development is making great strides as we’ve completed the key architecture and a number of key features for our MainNet release coming later this summer. A revised product roadmap will be released in the coming weeks.

Swarm Orange Summit
While flight cancellations, unfortunately, prevented us from attending the Ethereum, Swarm Orange Summit, we did follow along virtually and are excited at the release of SWARM POC3, (Alpha). This release is extremely important for Wolk given the summer release (v.2) of SwarmDB leverages SWARM POC3 as a key backend component for censorship resistant storage of db chunks. Those interested in learning more about the presentations at the summit can check out summit’s site which has videos of the talks and presentations. Also read a personal recap from Dietmar Hofer of Artis, who compiled a detailed review of the event.

Consensus 2018

As a sponsor for Consensus in mid-May, Wolk got to engage with thousands of potential clients and partners over the course of three days of intense speakers, breakout sessions and one-on-one discussions. It was great to share our plans and progress directly with dApp developers who need decentralized database services.

Wolk Exhibiting at Consensus 2018 in New York

We also found that many need blockchain solutions at an even higher level, in that they purely desire provable data storage. Every single one of them became excited when we shared our plasma cash design and described how SwarmDB would enable this for them at speeds up to 100x that of the Ethereum MainNet. We believe our innovation on Plasma Cash differentiates us from any other company working on the Ethereum stack.

Token Summit 2018

Following Consensus, we also attended, the one-day event, Token Summit, which was an event packed with some of the most well known companies and people in the industry. Even Vitalik showed up! The event touched on pretty much every topic going on in the industry and offered an open setting for discussing and sharing ideas on topics from ERC 721 tokens, new Coinbase features and a few sneak peaks at some not yet launched projects.

SwarmDB v0.2

Our highly anticipated summer release is well on it’s way to completion. We’re currently testing our Plasma Cash solution, while refining the key database functionality we wish to have in place for this release. In the coming weeks we expect to have a demo available on our website allowing anyone to create databases and tables using our Wolk Public Database Admin and see SwarmDB in action.

We plan to have brand new interfaces exposed in Node.js to facilitate easy dApp development. We’re also working on some key features for partners that intend to integrate SwarmDB as a collaborative effort for us to provide robust services to support mutual clients. We’re definitely excited about this adoption and hope to make more formal announcements soon.

If you’re interested in partnering, contributing or just using our products, please reach out to us now. We’d love to hear from you!

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June 12, 2018
March 23, 2018

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