Crowdwiz: WizFunds: Useful insights into one of the most exciting CrowdWiz elements!


Dear CrowdWiz-ers!

It is time to dig further into one of the most exciting parts of the CrowdWiz ecosystem — WizFunds, or the realm of the decision-making segment of our comprehensive architecture.

We would like to show you what our team has been developing so far in order for you to be fully prepared when the time for testing the Beta product arrives. By the way, have you joined the whitelist already? If not, please do so here and secure your spot for the CrowdWiz beta version now!

Surprise, surprise! There is not one, but TWO Fund rooms! What is the difference between them? Take a breath and get familiar with the screenshots below and the corresponding short memos to address all your questions.

It’s time to demonstrate what’s next in the pipeline after you’ve made your choice when entering the preferred Fund room.

One click to get started. Total freedom for the CrowdWiz-ers!

Advance your strategic reasoning within this exclusive portfolio management screen. You will be amazed to find the ultimate set of features provided!

The enhanced performance charts showcase the coherent behavior of the ecosystem with various metrics displayed throughout. All changes of the fund shares / token price are explicitly disclosed.

Use our dynamic Fund data tool to reach out to your assets and holdings levels. Get your very own real-time digest of the latest important activities and plan your next master steps!

Don’t miss the chance to benefit from this privileged Ballot area! It has been created specifically for those who seek limitless power and vast opportunities. Create your own public proposals while being the manager! Participate in the decision-making, while exploring the WizVote tool. You’ll be having a built-in real-time chat to answer all your queries and share your experience!

Receive smooth access to the full consistent chronology of your own votes and activities, as well as the votes and activities of other CrowdWiz-ers. Take advantage of the full tracking implementation and plan your next master steps!


We believe that the WizExchange is quite recognizable for you already since we’ve presented its impressive features last month. In case you’ve missed our update back then, you may wish to catch-up by reading this publication.

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