Swap Man: What’s in Store for 2018 (Leverj Roadmap)

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Since the TGE, the development team has grown in numbers and in strenghts. In various meetings we have been sketching out the product timeline and assessing the feasibility.

Over the coming twelve months, as we are going through each platform release phase. We will provide regular updates and progress on features.

The platform will release in three main phases:

spot, futures, CFDs

Phase 1: Basic Trustless ERC20/ETH Spot Functionality

The core of the Leverj ecosystem relies on the staking (app live here) of LEV to receive newly generated FEE. The demand for the FEE comes from the platform being connected to the FEE/ETH orderbook to use ETH balances to purchase discounted FEE automatically.

Once the platform is generating volume, it will produce FEE to disburse to LEV stakers. Those users executing trades will be glad to buy FEE for cheaper trading.

For these reasons, basic ERC20/ETH pair spot functionality is going to be implemented in the first phase. We will list LEV and FEE orderbooks, and will list 2 to 3 high liquid, high quality ERC20 tokens (to be announced at a later date).

This phase will require smart contract coding, UI development, and refactoring the matching code on Coinpit to fit a spot context.

The current range for this is April to May of this year.

Phase 2: High Leverage Futures

Leverj is all about leverage. And leverage is best when trading derivatives contracts. As Ether becomes more and more prominent in traders’ portfolios, and institutions are getting bigger in the market, the demand for hedging instruments like ETH/USD inverse futures will thrive.

ETH/USD Inverse Futures

Using Ether for collateral in ETH/USD positions allows one to take long or short positions. Any Ether holder that wants to hedge the USD fiat value simply needs to short Leverj’s ETH/USD contracts.

ERC20 Futures

Others who support the Ethereum ecosystem tend to hold a portfolio of ERC20 tokens. Currently it is mainly just a spot buy/sell only market. But ERC20 futures will let traders take short positions to profit off price decreases.

Whether you are bullish or bearish, futures on Leverj will be an attractive market place for traders large and small to manage their risk.

This phase will require smart contract coding, adjustments to Coinpit margin system to incorporate trustless custody on Ethereum, and enhancements to UI.

The current range for this is August to October of this year.

Phase 3: Using ETH to trade Oil, Gold CFDs

Finally, once the risk management tools for hedging fiat and ERC20 are running smoothly, Leverj will make its first move in the legacy markets.

True portfolio diversification does not just mean diversifying across crypto and fiat, but also across different asset classes. Money is just a means to acquire commodities and services, thus being able to take positions in markets like Oil and Gold are critical.

This phase will require incorporating new index methodology for legacy market data feeds and UI adjustments.

The current range for this is early 2019.

Update Flow

We will keep the community updated with progress in all areas of development.

Follow our github for code updates (keep in mind we have private repos we work on too…), YouTube for demos and explainers, as well as our blog to keep up to date.

Want to learn more?

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Original article was created by: Swap Man at blog.leverj.io

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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