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Whichever industry you work in, you probably know that data is the strongest source of understanding your business. In order to learn and predict what the future holds, it’s crucial to analyze the data and transform it into invaluable information to boost performance.

We started to collect data from electronic artists a few years ago with an idea to create real insights into the music industry. Now we are analyzing 5 billion data points from more than 350,000 artists, 500,000 events and 90,000 venues on a daily basis, and it’s hard to resist not to use all the insights to bring something completely new to the world.

Attention partygoers

Most of the time we are all stuck in the same routine, same places, where nothing can really surprise us. It’s hard to discover something new and exciting. Been there, done that, few too many times. We want everyone to find their perfect place filled with new experiences that they’ll remember for life. That is why we focused our minds on developing a personal nightlife guide that will find all the hidden gems you’ve been craving for.

Tonight app is a personalized tool that helps you discover the best bars in town, catch a handpicked event, enjoy multiple free tickets & drinks, and even feel the vibe of any event without being there.

After months of development, Tonight app is now being beta tested in our capital — Ljubljana, Slovenia and we have to say we are blown away with the number of users that joined our first testing group. To build an App that would convince millions of music fans around the world, we know that the features, functionality and design need to be perfect.

So we are monitoring and analyzing more than 70 different touchpoints of the App. We invited numerous users to our headquarters to get a real insight into what users miss and what they value the most. After some major improvements in the last 30 days, we gained 148% more users that are now actively discovering multiple features in the app. But that’s just the beginning! The app is getting a full makeover that will provide a new perspective of what’s up in their city Tonight.

The demand is high

Our waiting list has grown quite long now, numerous international and local users can’t wait to get their hands on the app. However while we won’t be able to grant access to everyone right away, we are finalizing the version that can accommodate everyone on the list, so you can expect the Tonight App in the App store in the first region by the end of the year.

The biggest festival battle of all times

In two weeks we will present our most extensive in-depth analysis so far at the biggest electronic music and business event in the world — Amsterdam Dance Event. We dug deep into the numbers of three major electronic festivals that are on the bucket list of many: Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Miami — what we discovered blew our minds.

We were comparing the artists to see which one of them has the biggest leverage and got booked most frequently, how much do festivalgoers pay to see a Top 100 DJs performing at the festival etc. But the biggest diversity appears when the genres that are dominating the festivals are examined. So, if you want to be the first to know, meet us at ADE. You can find us at our co-founders panel or at his party.

In case you can’t make it to ADE you can get the access to the music industry insights here.

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