Timereum: We’ve Added New Creators To ELIX, Improved ELIX & Are Adding Stripe

New Creators & GadgetsThe Explore page of ELIX is filling up nicely! Browse products and campaigns on ELIX here. Learn more about just a few awesome products we’ve added below.DeskInfinity prevents chargers from falling off a table when devices are moved, preventing a common problem for computers, mobile phones, and other devices that need charging.It also contains a beautiful Guilloché design on the upper surface, which will show an infinity symbol no matter which way the light catches it. It is completely personalized with your name (or your favorite phrase) laser engraved on the side of it.Check DeskInfinity out on the Explore page here.Blockchain Iron’s Crypto Coin Vault, shown below, is an offline cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies. The Crypto Coin Vault from Blockchain Iron is a vault that never connects to a computer, never needs charging, and is nearly indestructible.Blockchain Iron Crypto Coin Vault, now on the ELIX ExplorepageHere’s a bit more about the vault from the creator: One of the biggest issues with cryptocurrencies is that they can be lost forever if your private key is not properly protected against cyber vulnerabilities and physical destruction. With the Crypto Coin Vault from Blockchain Iron, your cryptocurrency can be securely stored offline and out of reach of both physical harm and cyber theft. The Crypto Coin Vault is manufactured in the U.S. with patent-pending split key technology which enables you to create your own hand-selected personal key so that access is restricted and inaccessible to others. By splitting your private key across multiple discs that can be engraved or stamped, we’ve heightened the layers of security to keep your crypto secure. The public key QR code is printed on transparent stickers and applied by the user to allow quick deposits and verification of your wallet value. Beyond the ingenious storage and security measures, Crypto Coin Vault from Blockchain Iron has second-to-none craftsmanship that will look right at home among your most prized possessions. Made from top-quality metals, including a version in Damascus Steel, the Crypto Coin Vault has a satisfying weight and shape that immediately communicates value without anyone ever knowing exactly what your personal vault holds. The Blockchain Iron wallet has patent-pending split key technology which includes multiple copper private key disks that can be physically engraved or stamped. As an added security measure, you have the option of transporting the “security key” layers in separate parts to further protect your cryptocurrency.Explore the Crypto Coin Vault and more projects on ELIX here.Sign UpGo to elixirtoken.io/signup to joinELIXIf you haven’t already, join ELIX here. ELIX is a community of makers and creators, with specific focus on tech gadgets and blockchain products.RatingsWe’re planning to add ratings to products and campaigns. This means that backers and buyers will be able to give feedback after pledging or purchasing. This should help creators build reputations on ELIX, and keep creators accountable.Stripe IntegrationThis week we’ve been working on Stripe integration to pave the way for campaign backing and product purchases. The first step of this process is account setup: we’ve registered the ELIX platform with Stripe and are setting up a OAuth connection flow to securely provide necessary contact and payout information to the Stripe API. This enables you to connect to Stripe quickly from your ELIX profile page, even if you don’t already have a Stripe account. Session tokens will be generated to secure transactions for each authorized Stripe account and prevent against CSRF attacks.Additional Improvements & FixesHere a just few other improvements we’ve made to ELIX in the past week: -Revised preview cards to make the styling more consistent, animated, and to help highlight the differences between campaigns and products -Added responsive styling for explore page mobile viewing -Fixed bug causing detail modals to shrink with some layouts -Fixed bug causing header menus to move down the page when scrolling -Improved header responsive styling for mobile viewing -Various continuous integration and modularity improvementsThat’s all for this week! Stay tuned for exciting news on ELIX. To join ELIX or your own product or campaign, click here or on the button below:

Original article was created by: Timereum at hackernoon.com

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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