Voting for the updated White Paper

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Make your vote count

ChronoBank highly valuates the opinion of its community and investors. For this reason, we decided to put the adoption of the updated White Paper to vote.

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August 05, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #42

30 July — 05 August 2018Welcome to the Issue #42 of Sunday TIMEs: TimeX sneak peek, ChronoMint translation updated, Community Q&A and Price Update.???? Read in ???????? Español ???????? Русский ???????? 한국어 ???????? 中文TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: $11.87 USD,...

July 30, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #41

23 July — 29 July 2018Welcome to the Issue #41 of Sunday TIMEs: ChronoBank’s ecosystem visualized, LaborX Sidechain and Token Mining Explained, Partnership with DASH embassy D-A-CH, Community Q&A, Press and Price Update.???? Read in ???????? Español ???????? Русский...

July 24, 2018

LaborX Sidechain and Token Mining Explained

Since we updated our White Paper, infrastructure and token model our community has had a number of questions about how this will work in practice, as well as plenty of helpful feedback. This article presents some of the key ideas in more detail, including relevant figures and estimates.The...

July 22, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #40

16 July — 22 July 2018???? Read in ???????? Español ???????? Русский ???????? 한국어 ???????? 中文Welcome to the Issue #40 of Sunday TIMEs: Public LaborX testing, Article about ChronoBank in, Research: Blockchain and the Future of Resumes and...

July 17, 2018

Blockchain and the Future of Resumes

If you’re hiring for a project or a job, what’s the biggest risk you face? The answer is that the candidate you hire shows up and does such a lousy job that you have to replace them, mop up their mess and probably still pay them for their time.Here’s a harder question: how do you prevent...

July 15, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #39

09 July — 15 July 2018???? Read in ???????? Español ???????? Русский ???????? 한국어 ???????? 中文Welcome to the Issue #39 of Sunday TIMEs: Throwback to Berlin, ChronoBank Community Survey, Detailed information about $TIME on Coinlib, Community Q&A and...

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