SyncFab: Update: 75% of Soft Cap Met

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With two days remaining in the public presale, we are ecstatic to announce the SyncFab MFG Crowdsale has met 75% of the Soft Cap goal. Over 11,000ETH was contributed by the MFG community members — composing of innovators, buyers, and manufacturers.

With the addition of the public sale, we are confident of fulfilling the soft cap and optimistic of achieving the hard cap goal!


Marketing Update:

With roughly two days until the Public Sale (February 15, 2018–9 AM PST), we continue to see accelerated growth, momentum, and interest in the SyncFab MFG Blockchain. Traffic to our website along with membership to the MFG Telegram Channel continues to increase exponentially.

Website Traffic:

Telegram Member Count (9,256 Members):

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Jeremy Goodwin’s (CEO) interview on ABS-CBN — one of the largest news network in the Philippines.

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ANCEarlyEdition: How does blockchain technology help revolutionize the manufacturing industry? Syncfab founder and CEO Jeremy Goodwin weighs in this #ANCRecap.


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SyncFab team AMA on TheGobOne

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May 18, 2018

Blockchain Basics: What Manufacturers Need to Know

Big data, the internet of Things (IoT), smart factories, artificial intelligence (AI). And now, blockchain. For small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, precision parts suppliers, CNC shops, and entrepreneurs, processing and evaluating new technologies can be an overwhelming situation...

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May 04, 2018

Software Development Update - May 2018

SyncFab Platform UpdatesWe appreciate your patience as we’ve worked diligently to distribute your MFG Tokens in a timely manner! For those who still haven’t received their tokens, please make sure you have followed the instructions laid out here.We wanted to take this opportunity to share...

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April 24, 2018

SyncFab Quarterly Update

News and Updates“Best way to predict the future is to create it” — Peter Drucker on Manufacturing“Blockchain technology is set to develop faster in the manufacturing industry” — Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, founder of Geopolitical Intelligence ServicesSyncFab team...

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April 19, 2018

COBINHOOD Integrates the MFG Token

AnnouncementsOn April 16th, it was announced that COBINHOOD, a rapidly growing cryptocurrency platform with over 250,000 users had officially integrated SyncFab’s MFG Token. For a period of one week, COBINHOOD will be the official and exclusive source for exchanging MFG Tokens for BTC, ETH and...

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SyncFab Korea Innotech Blockchain Industry 4.0 Panel

Seoul, Korea April 19, 2018 – SyncFab CEO participated in the Korea Innotech 2018 Blockchain Industry 4.0 Panel at COEX. Korea provided an interesting venue for the Panel as Korea has the highest robot workforce density of any other country in the world at 631 robot workers for every 10,000...

April 17, 2018

SyncFab Announces Integration with the Bancor Protocol

News and updates from SyncFabSyncFab, a blockchain solution for the manufacturing supply chain, today announced that it is joining the Bancor Network, a decentralized liquidity network, in order to enable continuous liquidity for the MFG ERC-20 token.SyncFab is integrating the Bancor Protocol...

From: SyncFab
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