SyncFab: Update: 75% of Soft Cap Met

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With two days remaining in the public presale, we are ecstatic to announce the SyncFab MFG Crowdsale has met 75% of the Soft Cap goal. Over 11,000ETH was contributed by the MFG community members — composing of innovators, buyers, and manufacturers.

With the addition of the public sale, we are confident of fulfilling the soft cap and optimistic of achieving the hard cap goal!


Marketing Update:

With roughly two days until the Public Sale (February 15, 2018–9 AM PST), we continue to see accelerated growth, momentum, and interest in the SyncFab MFG Blockchain. Traffic to our website along with membership to the MFG Telegram Channel continues to increase exponentially.

Website Traffic:

Telegram Member Count (9,256 Members):

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To view more, please visit our Reddit page:

Jeremy Goodwin’s (CEO) interview on ABS-CBN — one of the largest news network in the Philippines.

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ANCEarlyEdition: How does blockchain technology help revolutionize the manufacturing industry? Syncfab founder and CEO Jeremy Goodwin weighs in this #ANCRecap.


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SyncFab team AMA on TheGobOne

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