James McMath: Tim Masters joins Luckbox as Head of Esports Content

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We are pleased to announce that Tim Masters has been appointed as Luckbox’s Head of Esports Content.

Tim is an experienced and respected writer and editor, who has previously written for Ginx, VPEsports and others, as well as spending time as an Assistant Editor at EsportsHeaven and Editor in Chief at GosuGamers.

Luckbox Head of Esports Content Tim Masters

Tim has been working with Luckbox on a consultancy basis for the past few months, focusing on our esports news output, and has now joined the team full-time. Here’s a little more about Tim, his career so far and his new role…

What is your job title and what does the role involve?

I’m officially Luckbox’s resident editor and writer, so my role involves words of all kinds, but mainly focussing on reporting on esports, both the games and the industry. To be honest, it’s why I got into journalism and esports, because I naturally love to know what is going on, to speculate and to listen to my own voice, and that makes it something of a dream job.

Please tell us about your background and career.

I grew up in Kent, playing rugby and basketball competitively, and games like Secret of Mana, Mario Kart Double Dash and Jonah Lomu Rugby when I got the chance. After completing a Sports Journalism degree, I worked in sport, on the gambling side of things, for some time after leaving uni, before getting itchy feet and feeling like I needed to do something else. Today, I still play games when I can, mainly CSGO, Melee and a variety of console FPS titles, the latter extremely poorly.

How and when did you become involved in esports?

I moved into esports just as a hobby at first, working with a UK Halo clan called Reign, having fallen in love with Smash Bros Melee after watching Samox’s amazing documentary. From there it became obvious my heart wasn’t in sports in the same way, and I had to try and make esports my future, as it was what I cared about. From there I went to work at EsportsHeaven, and then took over at GosuGamers, before coming to Luckbox.

This is an exciting time for esports, how do you see the industry now and how do you see it evolving over the coming years?

Right now, the industry is in a state of flux, where it is important that the foundations are put in place for a strong, and more importantly sustainable future. Esports has seen too many crashes down the years to not learn from those mistakes, and the potential in the scene is astonishingly high.

There are clearly scenes that are excelling right now, and some that are being left behind due to their unwillingness to learn or change, so we need to find a way to maintain the identity that makes esports so inclusive and amazing, while also letting more of the mainstream know what they are missing out on.

With a bit of good work, we could be looking at a self-sustaining scene that can support professional players in less than a decade, without relying on venture capital or other such outside revenue sources.

It’s important to protect our personality and best assets, like native reporters for example, rather than rolling over every time the mainstream looks our way, but compromise is needed if we are going to see the true potential of the scene realised.

Tim Masters joins Luckbox as Head of Esports Content was originally published in Luckbox on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: James McMath at blog.luckbox.com

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