CVCOIN: The Year of Private and Secure Communication

If this is WhatsApps idea of a Privacy Policy, then one could only guess what their concept for Secret Chats would be.

WhatsApp is anything but Private. It is owned by Facebook, the biggest seller of personal information on the planet.

And yes,we have all heard the argument:

“I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Whether you have something to hide or not is totally irrelevant. Privacy is not about hiding — it is about autonomy, power and control; it is about your ability to decide how you present yourself to the world.

Or the ever present argument:

“This data collection, or reading my texts or seeing what I post has no effect on me.”

Data collection is a global issue. Lenders in African countries as well as in the U.S. have turned to social media and mobile phone records to assess creditworthiness — ie, to decide whether they will give you a loan or not.

You are not special, you don’t have superpowers that gives you an immunity against this gathering of information, this access to what you write, what you say, who you talk to, how often, photos that you share, all of it, is open, collected and traded.

You, and millions like you have been transformed into “information plantations”, and companies like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and countless others are harvesting your information, invading your privacy, and reaping the benefits.

Facebook’s Messenger Secret Conversations

Facebook’s Messenger is a laughable attempt at Private Messaging.

The Facebook data privacy scandal centers around the collection of personally identifiable information of up to 87 Million People. This focuses on Facebook in general, and not Facebook’s Messenger, however the privacy policy of Facebook’s Messenger has recently been changed to read “Our systems automatically process content and communications you and others provide to analyze context and what’s in them.”

So, does Facebook Read your messages ?

Not in the sense that there is a person sitting there going through all messages sent and received, there is AI to handle that workload. Though many regular users do not realize that the links, messages, photos, videos and other communications they send privately to friends, family and other contacts are run through Facebook’s computer systems to detect harmful behavior or other violations of a company’s terms of service.

The definition of Harmful Behavior is so vague and vast that there is no clearly defined guidelines on what warrants further investigation. A photo shared between lovers could be deemed as harmful, thereby setting the wheels in motion to dig deeper and further into the communications between the two individuals.

But wait, doesn’t Facebook Messenger offer Secret Conversations?

Well, in a roundabout way yes, though these so called secret conversations are under the same regulations and procedures as regular messages sent between two people, the AI is still scanning these conversations, still looking for Harmful Behaviour. So in a sense these Secret Conversations are between you, your partner and Facebook’s AI. Not so secret after all.

2019 The Year of Private Communications

Starting right now, you do have a choice.
Crypviser Secure Messenger collects NO Personal Information on you whatsoever.

No Phone Number.
No Email Address.
No Names.
No Access to your Contact List.

The only instant messenger offering you TRUE end to end encryption via Blockchain Technology.

The only Instant messenger not using 1970’s encryption methods.

An Instant messenger designed and developed by a Cyber Security Company in Germany which puts security and privacy at the forefront, not as an afterthought.

Crypviser Secure Messenger has NO secret chat option, every call, every text, every data transfer is encrypted, using Crypviser Automated Encryption Model (patent pending) all the time, everytime.

Feature Rich Secure Private Messaging

HD Video Calls: Fully Encrypted high definition video calls.

HD Audio: Crystal clear encrypted audio calls.

Unlimited Data Transfer: Unlike other messengers on the market with limited data transfer, Crypvisers Secure Messenger has NO FILE SIZE LIMIT.

Customized Wallpapers: Allows the user to have a different custom wallpaper for each contact.

Encrypted, Private Chats all the time, every time:

Crypvisers core belief is everyone has the right to Security and Privacy. By default, Crypviser is setup to offer the user the most private and secure communication on the planet. There is no “Private Chat” setting the user needs to activate, for each and every chat, call, video, data transfer, are secure, encrypted and private, all the time, every time.

Cryptocurrency Wallet: Crypviser has incorporated a Cryptocurrency wallet. For those who have entered into the world of Cryptocurrency this is a momentous step in the way people send, receive and store their cryptocurrency. No longer does one need to copy and paste the long string of characters that represents a wallet. Since everyone of the users contacts have been verified via Blockchain, the contacts User Name is also their wallet address. Sending cryptocurrency is as easy as sending a photo.

Crypviser Secure Messenger has also introduces new exciting features for that extra level of Privacy and Security.

Screenshot Control: With Screenshot control users can choose to receive notifications if a screenshot is taken of their chats or they can disable screenshots being taken of their chats altogether.

Forward Control: If you don’t want your messages to be forwarded then simply use Forward Control to disable message forwarding. Users also have the option to receive notifications if a message has been forwarded. The feature applies to chats being copied as well. In addition to these features also comes the ability to withhold your user name as the author of a forwarded message.

But what makes the Crypviser Secure Messenger unique is, it is not for free. Unlike the others which were discussed, Crypviser Secure Messenger doesn’t cost you your Privacy, it will cost you about a cup of coffee a month. Using this business model Crypviser Secure Messenger becomes dependant on offering a premium product, satisfying their customers needs and continuing innovation.

Since they collect no personal information of their users,(by using blockchain authentication, they don’t even know who their users are) they have no data to sell.

Right now, for a very limited time, Crypviser Secure Messenger is FREE. Free to download and use for IOS and an Open Beta Version for Android.

Make this year, the year you reclaim your privacy.

Take a stand.

Make a statement.

“I am not for sale!”

Download now:
For iOS

For Android

Social Media:

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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