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Dear VINchain community,

The Token Swap Is Available Again.

VINchain Wallet

As many of you know we have published the VINchain wallet yesterday and made it accessible for all of you. Everyone who has completed the swap earlier can activate their wallets and officially use their tokens. Also you can see the wallet in your account on our website, the wallet is available for both windows and mac.

Token Swap

Right now we are opening the swap for the people who haven’t completed the swap before. You can see the link to the swap here ( ). While you go through the swap you will create a VINchain public wallet key and a VINchain private wallet key. KEEP THESE KEYS SAFE!!! :) — Just like any other keys in the world of crypto. You will need these keys to use your wallet.


Also our blockchain is ready and you can see it in GitHub ( ). Its open source and publicly available for everyone to analyze and see how everything works!

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