The Аbyss Team: The Prototype 2.0: Major Update Release

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Dear The Abyss community! The Abyss Team has spent the most busy, still wonderful, time working on the The Abyss prototype updates, and it is with proud that we’re now presenting the results. The current version features lots of new specials and additions. However, the killer features are the addition of one of the most popular browser games (with a multimillion audience) and the integration of a billing system, allowing for simple and quick payments in ABYSS tokens with up to an extra 25% off the in-game purchases. The prototype’s major update is officially released and available both for Web (browser) and Desktop (MS Windows, 43 Mb) applications.

Let’s do the tour over it to learn some tips and details.

Registration / Signing in

The first thing you will see is the registration / sign in window. Here begins your personal The Abyss video game adventure. To get onboard, enter your login/password that you have used during DAICO period on The Abyss official website. The DAICO user database has been transferred to the prototype already. If you haven’t got The Abyss account yet, you will have to create it in order to get access to all the features the prototype is now delivering.

Registration / authorization window

Home page

After signing in, you will find yourself on the prototype’s home (main) page. Choose your language in the upper right corner of the screen. As of now, the prototype is translated to 6 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian).

To get to your personal area (user account), click on “My profile” icon either on the left, or in the upper right corner.

And that’s not all!

The prototype’s home (main) page

Let’s play the game

Well yes, starting from today, The Abyss prototype provides the possibility to play the demo game. We have chosen Music Wars (the browser-based MMORPG from Destiny.Games portfolio) to serve as demo game. Music Wars has over 6 million of online registrations and 142 000 of monthly active users. It is one of the top online browser games on, the website that is ranked #16 in Alexa’s global Top 500 sites, and #8 most popular website in the world, according to SimilarWeb.

Click on the “PLAY” button at the game’s starting page to travel directly to the SoundCity, where you can join one of the city’s four music cultures and create your own unique style.

Even more features ahead!

Music Wars starting page
Loading… Please wait a second
Music Wars gameplay

“My profile” page (user account)

The prototype now features user account, containing your personal data, protected with the most advanced cyber security solutions. Let’s have a look at what is hiding inside.

User account (“My profile” page)

On “My profile” page you’ll find your personal referral ID and the newly generated referral link for sharing with friends and starting / expanding your referral network. You will also be able to edit your nickname and upload the avatar (please see the image requirements).

End of the story? No way!

The billing system and adding ABYSS tokens to your balance

And surely, you will see your ABYSS tokens balance, which is shown in the middle of the screen. Yes, the released prototype already features an integrated billing system allowing for easy and fast payments with ABYSS tokens.

To deposit tokens, please follow the instruction below:

  • Press the “DEPOSIT” button
  • Press “Send Tokens
  • Choose “Music Wars
  • Press “Play
  • Enable Adobe Flash Plugin
  • Click to plus the right Rubies Counter
  • Select the package you would like to purchase
  • Press “Buy
  • Enjoy!
  • After you complete all the steps, the deposited tokens will be added to your balance and will be visible in the user account.

    And that’s not all!

    What is absolutely fabulous, is that paying with ABYSS tokens will provide you a 25% discount for your purchases in Music Wars until September 1, 2018. This is a special treat for the ABYSS token holders, that is our pleasure to introduce.

    The rubies purchase page in Music Wars (without the discount option)

    Tokens for purchasing rubies (one of Music Wars in-game currencies) are credited from your ABYSS tokens deposit. If you don’t have enough tokens, the following window will pop up, encouraging to add more tokens to your balance.

    “Not enough minerals” © ABYSS tokens

    Other features

    Other features, added to the current version of the prototype, include:

    • Registration on the prototype using the referral link, obtained during DAICO;
    • The possibility to create new referral link in the user account;
    • The referral program functionality;
    • Payouts for the referral transactions;
    • Google Analytics Solutions.

    And here’s more!

    The short-term plans

    The Abyss Team is now setting course for releasing the prototype’s new updates soon. The work on developing and adding new features is in constant progress. Plans for the near future comprise:

    • Adding the history of transactions;
    • Signing in with social networks account;
    • Renewing the main page (v. 2);
    • Renewing the user profile page (v. 2);
    • Renewing the game page (v. 2).

    And that’s not all!

    Well, actually that is all (for today).

    But that’s enough. Enjoy the updated prototype of The Abyss digital distribution platform! Sign in to your user account to play the game and make purchases with ABYSS tokens to get the most of it.

    And stay tuned!


    The Abyss Team

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    Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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