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Everything you need to know about the Blockchain Entertainment Studio and Decentralized Entertainment Economy


Prior to the October 2, 2016 launch of the SNGLS tokenized ecosystem — see SingularDTV (SNGLS) here — a SingularDTV “Summary Overview” was made available to the public on June of 2016.

This Summary Overview outlined SingularDTV’s intention to raise 580,000 ETH, which at that time was worth approximately $7.5m. A SNGLS Token Terms & Conditions document was also provided to potential SNGLS buyers prior to launch. For details on what SNGLS tokens are, please read “Coins vs. Tokens (What is a SNGLS token?)”.

The Summary Overview conveyed that with the 580,000 ETH raised, SingularDTV promised to deliver its MVP, Minimum Viable Product. Because SingularDTV did not convert its ETH into Fiat post-launch, a substantial amount of value was added to its resources with ETH’s rise in 2017. Today, SingularDTV’s stores of ETH allow for a suite of software applications to be built to not only prove its MVP, but to build the framework of a decentralized entertainment economy.

SingularDTV’s Summary Overview was pulled from the public when it began to develop a new, bigger and bolder, long-term roadmap. Therefore, SingularDTV presents the “Encyclopedia of SingularDTV”. This document endeavors to explain all aspects of SingularDTV’s activities, plans and specifics.

This is a living, breathing document that will be updated continually.

VRS 1.1 May 15, 2018


SingularDTV, aka Singular, is a blockchain entertainment studio building the infrastructure for a decentralized entertainment industry. We currently employ 70 team members from around the world — see TEAM section. Our male to female team member ratio is approximately 50/50. SingularDTV offices are located in Zurich, New York, San Juan, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

In 2014, Joseph Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum, joined SingularDTV as a co-founder and CTO. In 2015, Arie Levy Cohen, formerly of Morgan Stanley, joined SingularDTV as its fourth and final co-founder and CFO.

It is important to note that SingularDTV’s operates under a CODE governance structure. For more information please read “Anatomy of SingularDTV’s CODE (Centrally Organized Distributed Entity”.


SingularDTV’s mission began in 2013 with co-founder Kim Jackson (President of Entertainment) and Zach LeBeau (CEO). Kim’s motivation — being a film producer for more than 15 years — was to create a film and television distribution solution that is transparent, where revenue collection is instantaneous and where the artists and creators have control over the administration and deployment of their intellectual property.

For a detailed history regarding the inspiration of where SingularDTV came from, please read, “An Ethereum Journey to Decentralize All Things”.

The Premise of SingularDTV: “Studio in a Box”

The premise of SingularDTV’s mission was born from the fact that there is an elaborate system of gatekeepers deciding what artists are allowed to express on established distribution avenues. When artists and creators are provided the opportunity to express, there is an even more elaborate system of intermediaries extracting value from that expression, further minimizing the artists’/creators’ ability to make a career from their expression.

During the distribution cycle, artists/creators do not control their intellectual property (IP) or the money-flow associated with it. Instead, distribution intermediaries and gatekeepers control the IP and money-flow, greatly reducing the value passed back to the artists/creators. SingularDTV’s Suite of Dapplications change this, giving control of the IP and its rights/revenue/royalty/residual-flow to the artists.

For a general overview of the SingularDTV Suite of Dapplications, please see Zach LeBeau’s presentation at Ethereal 2017.

Due to technological advancements, gatekeepers and intermediaries are no longer necessary to manage and distribute the expression of artists and creators. SingularDTV is building a suite of applications that allows for them to control the Intellectual Property (IP) they created and to distribute that IP directly to audiences around the world.

For a better understanding of this premise, please see the discussion between Zach LeBeau (SingularDTV CEO), and Gramatik (International Electronic Dance Musician and Producer):

SingularDTV is essentially creating a “studio in a box”, that empowers artists and creators with applications and methodologies from development of a project to its distribution. The applications we are building can be broken into 4 categories, 1.) development, 2.) production, 3.) distribution and 4.) support.

SingularDTV has more than a dozen applications in research and development, currently 3 are live.

Live Applications

TOKIT is a development application currently running in beta mode. It is a multi-functional, dynamic application that allows for users to create projects and onboard these projects to the blockchain, see TOKIT section for more details. It is also Vrs 1.0 of SingularDTV’s rights management gateway and includes ancillary crypto-crowdfunding capabilities designed to develop and assemble an artists/projects fan/audience base at the developmental level. launched in November 9, 2017 and to date has generated approximately 1,300 ETH in revenue, (May 15, 2018). A 2 minute introductory video of Tokit can be found below:

The engine of the decentralized entertainment economy, Tokit is the platform where creators tokenize and launch projects to begin their journey in creating their own economies. It is vrs 1.0 of SingularDTV Rights Management Gateway. Tokit will become fully realized once Ethervision — SingularDTV’s peer-to-peer distribution portal launches.

To date, Tokit projects including films, musicians, DJs, and artist have raised over 50,000 ETH and created millions of dollars in value. Head to the Tokit Gallery to see all the projects currently live and concluded.


SingularX is SingularDTV’s peer-to-peer, decentralized exchange for buying and selling of intellectual property and utility tokens, see SINGULARX. It is a support application for Ethervision. It launched November 11, 2017 and currently generates in between 0.5–2 ETH per day in transaction fees.

The decentralized exchange of the SingularDTV ecosystem, SingularX is where tokens launched on Tokit can be traded with leading ERC-20 tokens like ETH, SNGLS, SNGX, and CENNZ. SingularX was built in partnership with New Zealand-based blockchain venture studio Centrality.


Rentalist is SingularDTV’s peer-to-peer entertainment equipment, crew hiring and location services application. It is in a private beta in the New York City market and has currently generated hundred of thousands of dollars in peer-to-peer rentals. It is scheduled to launch into a public beta sometime in 2018.

For more information on each application and the tokenmic structures of each, please refer to sections entitled TOKIT, SINGULARX and RENTALIST

The SingularDTV Tokenized Ecosystem

On October 2, 2016, 580,000 ETH was raised via a public, international launch of SNGLS tokens. SNGLS tokens represent the intellectual property developed by SingularDTV, as well as the rights and value flow of this IP. All value generated by the applications built by SingularDTV and the transaction and service fees associated by the IP generated or distributed by SingularDTV, will be administered via the SNGLS token. Through an array of different tokenomic models — revenue/reward, consumption/burn, curation market, etc., a new economy that empowers artists, creators and their audience will be realized.

The initial USD value of 580,000 ETH at the time of the SNGLS token launch was approximately $7.5m. It was the strategy of SingularDTV to keep this store of value in ETH for as long as possible. The founders were confident that ETH would continue its rise in value and because of this SingularDTV would be able to move beyond providing the original MVP of its decentralized entertainment plans. Prior to the launch of the SNGLS tokenized ecosystem, SingularDTV proclaimed it would supply 4 things in exchange for ETH raised, 1.) A rights Management Gateway (Tokit), 2.) a peer-to-peer distribution portal (Ethervision), 3.) a blockchain documentary (Trust Machine) and 4.) a sci-fi series.

To date, all 4 promises/projects have or are being delivered., our beta version of our rights management gateway, launched to the world in November, 2017. The beta of Ethervision, our decentralized distribution portal, is due out in the latter part of 2018, our blockchain documentary, directed by Academy Award nominated Director, Alex Winter is nearing completion and will be released with our beta or Vrs. 1.0 of Ethervision, and we have multiple sci-fi series and films in production currently.

Due to the rise in value of ETH, SingularDTV has the resources to go above and beyond its originally promised MVP. Over a dozen applications and modules are currently in development.

How Do SNGLS Tokens Generate Value?

The SingularDTV ecosystem of applications is designed to gravitate value into the SNGLS token.

SNGLS represents the “Mother” token of SingularDTV. Many of SingularDTV applications are powered by it’s own tokenized ecosystem. These tokens are “Child” tokens of SNGLS/SingularDTV. Child tokens gravitate value into SNGLS in various ways. For example, SingularX generates transaction fees. These transitions fees are administered and stored in the SNGX token — the governing token of SingularX. Because SingularDTV owns 50% of all SNGX tokens (the split of SNGX tokens is 50% to SingularDTV, 50% to Centrality), all SNGLS holders will benefit from the value generated from SNGX. This is possible through the process of airdropping SNGX tokens into the SNGLS token.

Rewards and Airdrops

It is SingularDTV’s commitment to all SNGLS token holders to share in its development and success. Various child tokens generated from the SNGLS token will be airdropped into the SNGLS token. This means all SNGLS token holder will benefit from the SingularDTV child tokens.

This airdrop concept was first tested within SingularDTV’s tokenized ecosystem when OMG airdropped tokens to ETH addresses. It was then that SingularDTV administered a re-airdrop of the OMG tokens it received to all SNGLS token holders.

May of 2018, will see the beginning of another round of rewards/airdrops administered by SingularDTV. This time it is an airdrop of SingularDTV’s SNGX tokens into SNGLS.

SingularDTV will not administer ETH appreciation pushes into the SNGLS token. SingularDTV does plan to push ETH as revenue into SNGLS at the appropriate times. This timing is contingent upon various regulatory factors and the structures SingularDTV needs to implement in order to be compliant with regulations in various jurisdictions.

ETH resources

SingularDTV maintains the following cold wallet address:

Ethereum Accounts, Address and Contracts

The Cold Wallet is not accessible by any one person and takes a multiple number of people that each have a unique piece of the overall key to access this value. At present, the Singular cold wallet is the 53rd largest Ethereum wallet.

It is SingularDTV’s intention to partake in staking ETH when Ethereum transitions from POW to POS. If the staking architecture is deployed and successful, SingularDTV plans to utilize any value flow from staking for the purpose of continued development.



A leading blockchain venture studio in the Asia-Pacific region, Centrality is building a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace with a suite of interconnected apps that bring utility to everyday life. Centrality’s CENNZ Token Generation Event in 2018 was one of the top 10 grossing launches in blockchain history, and the studio’s 50-strong team of developers represents a key partner in building SingularDTV’s dApps and modules.

Digital MOB

The community of developers behind Bucharest-based Digital MOB has played an outsized role in both the construction and design of the Ethereum ecosystem. Digital MOB represents the Romanian wing of both ConsenSys and SingularDTV, and built and maintains the Tokit platform.


Founded by Ethereum Co-Founder and SingularDTV CTO Joe Lubin, ConsenSys is a Brooklyn-based venture studio with over 50 projects, includings decentralized apps, consultatory bodies, and enterprise applications of blockchain tech.

Wanna learn more about the future of the entertainment industry?

Check out, read our Blog, like us on Facebook. and take part in creating a decentralized entertainment economy…

The Encyclopedia of SingularDTV was originally published in SingularDTV on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: SingularDTV at

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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