ADX: The AdEx Blockchain Advertising Grant Program: Call for Applications

AdEx Network is opening the application window for the first ever blockchain advertising grant programUp until now, our team has been focusing on the technical development of the AdEx dApp, the AdEx protocol and our scalability solutions. Now that we have a solid piece of technology on our hands, we are ready to let it out into the wild — i.e. start onboarding a group of beta testers, build a feedback loop and continue improving AdEx.But who are these fine beta testers, you ask? Well — you. We considered inviting Meghan Markle to do the job (we figured it would be a good marketing opportunity for Merkle tree puns); we also thought of asking Carlos Matos, Paris Hilton and a bunch of other celebrities. Eventually, we decided to stick to the our actual future users — you guys.SIGN UP FOR THE PROGRAM NOW“I’m too busy toapply”We’re all busy, we get it. No hurt feelings if you want to pass but you’ll be saying No to free advertising money.That’s right — we are giving away token grants that you can use to advertise your product, service, event, classified or whatever you want, really.Anyone will be able to apply for a grant, and we will give away a total of $20,000 in tokens to advertisers who are keen to start running ad campaigns on AdEx. The grantees will be handpicked by our team based on a number of different criteria; big and small businesses will have an equal chance of getting a grant.“I’m a publisher and I feel leftout”You’re not — who do you think will get the grant money that advertisers are spending? Yes, you! The advertisers who receive grants will be using their grant money to run actual ads — and the publishers who accept their bids and broadcast the ads will receive the money. If you don’t have a publisher account yet, there is literally no reason for you not to sign up straight away.See? We designed the blockchain advertising grant program so everyone could win and nobody would be left out.“I’m game, sign meup”Sure thing. Fill in the application form here and you’re in the game. We will be accepting applications by December 31, 2018.The projects/companies that qualify for a grant will be announced in the middle of January 2019, so they’ll be able to start off the year with a fresh, new, juicy grant for their campaigns.APPLY FOR AN ADEX BLOCKCHAIN ADVERTISING GRANT NOW

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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November 08, 2018
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It’s ok, Gabriel. We all make mistakes.

It’s ok, Gabriel. We all make mistakes.

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