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TenXBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingJan 10In light of Julian’s recent departure from TenX, we would like to address queries that have been raised by our community. We have put together responses to the most frequently raised and pressing queries below. We hope this helps clarify the points raised.Can you shed more light on the circumstances regarding Julian’s departure?Julian’s departure was a mutual, joint decision that we agreed upon amongst all the founders, including Julian himself. For TenX to move forward with our plans for 2019, this was the outcome we felt was best.There is speculation about Julian and insider trading, can you comment?TenX has trading policies that apply to executive-level employees. This requires them, among other things, to notify the board of directors prior to any trading of PAY tokens.No such notification was received in the weeks leading up to and subsequent to the the date of announcement of the TenX Token (the “Announcement Date”). All entities within the TenX Group did not participate in any trading of PAY tokens after 21 December 2018.We are unable to provide any comments on the transfer and alleged trading of PAY tokens potentially undertaken by an ex-employee of TenX. We note that the transfers and alleged trading took place on dates after the Announcement Date, and such alleged trades, would have been made on publicly available information.What’s the status of the financial license?We spoke with the licensing authority recently, and our financial license is on track as per plan.Will Julian’s departure affect current roadmap?We can assure you that our plans for 2019 remain the same and we continue towards them, determined and committed as ever.How many cards were sent to users?So far, more than 20 cards have been shipped in our first batch. We are now ramping up with our second batch.What is the status of the cards?We have requests that are currently in the pipeline. We are in the process of KYC verification and card applications.When can we expect further information on the TenX Token KYC process, timing on TenX Token distribution, rewards system and potential PAY utility?We can confirm now that the process of claiming and performing KYC will be done via TenX app, KYC providers and all systems are already connected and integrated with the app, and we actively use it for card user verification. We expect the claiming and KYC process to commence by mid January.

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