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10 July, 2018

Last week, Moeda team has been working hard under the following areas:

Technical Assistance Tools

The first project from Cooperval is documented by the technical assistance expert team inside the administrative tool and its events have been successfully registered on our Hyperledger Project Log Blockchain. The main goal is to keep a transparent accountability of each step of the progress: qualification, business plan, execution and monitor outcomes. Next month, our systems will be ready to process more than 200 projects per month.

Blockchain Moeda’s MDA Wallet successfully tested

This week we had some successful advances regarding the wallet setup and configuration features:

Wallet Successful tests

  • First transaction of MDA sent from Binance wallet to Moeda user wallet;
  • First transaction between Moeda user wallets successfully done;
  • First Moeda Seed Project MDA wallet address created and ready to receive funds.

That’s a quick update from today. See you all tomorrow.


Moeda Team

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