Stratisplatform: Stratis Smart Contracts in C# Alpha Release

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Stratis are proud to announce the alpha release of Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.

A significant amount of time and effort has gone into developing a new approach to Smart Contracts, ensuring the product is easy to learn and the most inclusive platform for developers and businesses.

Stratis has engineered the first smart contracts platform built entirely from the ground up in native C# on the .NET framework, the most popular enterprise programming language on the most widely-used enterprise framework.

This makes it easier to integrate into existing enterprise architectures than other platforms, Stratis Smart Contracts in C# opens many doors previously blocked due to computing language barriers. Stratis will soon also provide support for the functional programming language F#, particularly popular in the finance sector.

“We believe smart contracts are one of the backbones of blockchain as a transparent, decentralized marketplace, and that the more inviting you can be to get people to join that marketplace, the faster blockchain will be adopted” says Stratis CEO Chris Trew. “Our foundation in C# and .NET programming broadens the world of smart contracts immediately, and we look forward to seeing what people do with it.”

Several other blockchain companies have launched smart contracts offerings, but required development in an entirely different programming language or a new digital ecosystem with new languages, decompilers and integrated development environments (IDEs). Stratis Smart Contracts in C# builds upon an established and popularized framework, language and ecosystem. Therefore, it is more readily poised for wider adoption as a smart contract standard.

Below is a technical overview of the Stratis Smart Contract in C# offering at the recent Blockchain Expo, London.

“Stratis believes blockchain will change the world, and we are creating products that make this new world as inclusive and welcoming as possible,” Trew says. “Stratis Smart Contracts in C# is designed to welcome developers.”

To get started with Stratis Smart Contracts in C#, please refer to the below materials.

GitHub Repository:
Discord (Smart Contracts Support):

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