Status: Status Alpha 0.9.18 Release Notes

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Our latest release offers a few new ways to test out app functionality. Before getting started, you’ll need to update to 0.9.18 and either restore an existing account or create a new account to continue testing this latest version.

If you already have Status installed, updating is simple. Here’s how:

  • iOS: Within TestFlight, make sure you see Version 0.9.18 and tap ‘INSTALL’
  • Android: If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click ‘Update’ there.

If you haven’t installed Status already, here’s how you can download:

  • iOS: Sign up for access via TestFlight here
  • Android: Simply download Status from the PlayStore

3 Ways To Test This Version:

  • Request Test ETH
    • First, launch Status and open the Profile tab. Tap on the Advanced dropdown, then toggle ‘Development Mode’ to ON.
    • Next, switch to the Home tab. Because we are in development mode, you’ll see a Status Console chat shown. Open the Status Console chat and tap on the black command button on the right side of the input field. Doing so will open a list with commands.
    • Tap on /faucet command, then select Status Testnet Faucet url from the suggestions shown. As a result, the input field will contain ‘/faucet’. Select this and send by tapping the blue button on the right side of the input field. Your request for test ETH will be sent and Status Console chat will reply ‘Faucet Request has been received.’ Within 1–2 minutes, check your Wallet. You should find that 0.1 of test ETH has been added.

    Note: If sending faucet requests too often, a faucet request error will be shown, and test ETH will not be sent. Make sure to wait at least 10 minutes before try again.

    2. Start a Chat

    • Join a public chat, like #status, #openbounty, or #ethereum
    • Share your public key with a friend to start a private chat
    • Connect with one of our community managers, below, to start a private chat:

    Note: In this latest release, group chat has been temporarily disabled so that we can focus efforts on 1–1 and public chat. It will be re-introduced in a future release.

    3. Try out a few DApps

    Every day the list of DApps keeps growing. CryptoKitties, Bancor, Peepeth and many more are available for you to check out. Follow these instructions to access Status’ revolutionary world of DApps:

    • Tap the “+” on your screen
    • Select “Open DApp”
    • Choose the DApp that most interests you and tap ‘Open’
    • Make sure to join Riot and let us know what DApps you want to see in Status.

    Note: Many of these DApps are deployed on mainnet. While we are testing these vigorously, we cannot release a mainnet enabled build to our general group of testers while we are actively engaged in a security audit.

    New and Improved:

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a wrong password misplacement
    • Small fixes with error messaging
    • Fixed missing DApp descriptions
    • Misc. bug fixes and improvements

    Get Involved

    As an open source project, the single best way to get involved with development is to hop on board and help the community build Status! Start by exploring our open issues — note that we typically prefer to hire core contributors based on Pull Requests.

    If you feel you can help us grow our community in other ways, we’d love to hear your ideas! Tweet, like our Facebook or subscribe to the Status Subreddit to weigh in. You can also join the conversation on our Riot channel. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new release!

    Note to iOS Alpha testers: Due to strong community growth, we recently maxed out all 10,000 spots in our TestFlight account. This means we had to remove all iOS users who had not installed our last release - 0.9.17. So please make sure you’re up to date with our newest release by visiting and confirming your email. You’ll then receive an invite to test the new alpha, and you’ll be good to go.

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    Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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