Serenity Financial: Serenity co-founder Anton Vasin to speak at Blockchain Conference in Saint Petersburg on February…

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Serenity co-founder Anton Vasin to speak at Blockchain Conference in Saint Petersburg on February 13

We invite everyone to attend the Blockchain Conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia on the 13th of February and meet Serenity co-founder Anton Vasin.

Meet Anton at our stand A27. At 3 PM (UTC+3) Anton will present the project in the ICO Battle.

The event agenda includes the following topics: Cryptocurrency market analytics, Blockchain landscape and its opportunities, modern technologies and technical aspects of cryptocurrency operation, latest changes in Russia and other countries’ laws, as well as Blockchain business peculiarities.

Address: Park Inn Radisson Pulkovskaya, Ploshchad’ Pobedy, 1, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Hours: February 13th, 9 AM — 6 PM local time.

Read more on the Blockchain Conference website.

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August 17, 2018

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