REQ: Request Network Project Summary (January 10, 2019) — 2018 Retrospective, Welcoming our COO, Request…

The Request Network Foundation promotes the adoption of blockchain by providing technology which allows everyone to develop their own financial solutions based on the Request Network. The foundation establishes a standard for blockchain transactions, shaping the future of payments and their compliance for accounting, tax and audit integration.In this update we will look at:2018 RetrospectiveWelcome to our COO.Request in 2019.A warm welcome to another new team memberGetting V2 ready for partners2018 RetrospectiveWelcome back Request community! After the festive season, we are happy to join you all again for another year of development. Before we jump into our new year plans, let’s quickly look back at a selection of things that happened at Request in 2018.The team grew 200% in 2018, from 6 to 18 full-time team members. These 18 team members are gathered into tribes, addressing applications and protocol development, education and organization.The Request Fund was introduced, a fund to accelerate and incentivize development within the Request ecosystem. 11 due diligence of serious applications were conducted.We publicly affiliated with PwC France & Francophone Africa, working together with their Blockchain Lab team to identify opportunities for Request technology.The first version of the Request Network on main net Ethereum went live on March 30th!The Request Payments demo and documentation released, together with e-commerce plugins built by Adam Dowson. This allowing merchants to accept cryptocurrencies easily.ERC20 and BTC support were added to the protocol, making ERC20 and BTC payments an option for developers to include in their products built on Request.The team joined several working groups, like the Accounting Blockchain Alliance, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.We’ve specified and started implementing v2 to address scalability, privacy and evolvability of the Request Network. We gave priority to these base layers. Robustness needs attention and time. In such a fast-paced market with many projects being launched and stopped around us, staying focused is not always an easy task. We care about staying a strong project and team, which we’ve contributed to in 2018. We have built a solid team of professionals and are ready for an energetic 2019. But before we talk about 2019…A warm welcome to ourCOOWith great pleasure, we welcome Yoann Marion who has joined Request as the COO.Yoann spent the past 8 years working at a consulting company in Switzerland. As a member of the IT board, he constructed the IT department and Group Governance, structuring the growth of the team from 5 to 300 people.At Request, Yoann is responsible for designing the organization and drive its’ growth further.Request in2019.2019 is an important year for Request. With the rapid growth of the organisation, it is important to be both internally and externally clear about our focus. Our focus for 2019 is to:Target, specify and implement public institutions proofs of concept. Today, most countries are developing their own national invoice database. Request Network is a perfect international solution for this exact problem.Workaround fiat payment detection (payment processors, stablecoins).Integrate with more cryptocurrencies.Partner and integrate with accounting and invoicing software, as well as wallets and mobile banking solutions.Transform our e-commerce plugins to target bigger actors (1M+ monthly users)Make it easier for companies to build on top of Request.To reach these goals we will launch our new brand and website soon, making our mission clearer for partners and builders. We will also start rolling out protocol v2.0 during Q1 of 2019, an important step in building a solid base for the Request ecosystem.Together with a stronger direction, we will spend more attention to the growth of our technical community. We have kick-started an internal initiative to make sure we:Become more transparent as a foundation.Improve the way we communicate about development progress.Increase the size of the Request development community.One way of achieving this is becoming more publicly visible as team members. Robbin already made a step towards this visibility with the podcast published at the end of December. English (auto-generated) subtitles are available on Youtube.A new full-stack developer joinsLoving front-end development, implementing rich and meaningful user interfaces, Bernardo has been building his career through freelance web development and multiple summer internships at Mozilla. After almost two years of working at BitTitan as a front-end Software Engineer and contributing to the open source code of Request for the last 6 months, Bernardo has now officially joined the Request Network foundation team.Getting V2 ready forpartnersWith the recent hiring of Yoann (COO) and Laure (HR Manager), we have decided to temporarily pause recruitment. Due to a 200% growth of the Request team within one year, it is important to stand still for a few weeks and make sure our efficiency is kept at the maximum level. This means previous open positions are taken offline for now.Instead, as we release the Request Network protocol V2 in Q1, we want to spend more energy looking for and working with partners in the accounting, payment, finance, compliance and public sectors. If you hear of actors in need of payment request features, make sure to contact us!

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January 10, 2019
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