Agrello: Q2 Update: Agrello Builds Solid Foundation Gearing Up for Pilot Integrations

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26th of June

Dear Agrello Community,

Our Q2 was packed with action, with internal workshops, bleeding edge challenges, conferences and engagements, you name it! Wanted to take this opportunity to bring it all together. Pleased to share with you that we’ve made a great progress implementing key features of our foundational products, and have built a number of cornerstone solutions on the way. These include the core aspects of the Agrello Digital Identity as well as the Agrello legal contracts technology on blockchain.

Great progress on the foundational products -

Referring back to our Q1 update and the plans we’ve established, we’ve implemented the core feature set for our foundational products in Q2:

  • Agrello Digital ID solution, supported by an operational KYC process and available through the Agrello iOS/Android mobile app; we’ve delivered our first partner integration with the Eesty wallet, available on Apple Store and Google Play;
  • Container technology for onboarding and signing conventional documents digitally, underpinned by the blockchain technology;
  • Agrello Template Library redefining the way people interact with legal templates and create legally binding contracts;
  • Technical APIs to provide access to the above.

These products are in the final stages of internal testing, gearing up for further pilot integrations.

Agrello ID App — available in Google Play and App Store

Our sales team is working continuously with old partners and new qualified leads by expanding use-cases and finding product fit. We have a long-term vision for working with people and companies from Consensus as well. The integration processes are long-term projects and we do our best to keep you updated on all the finalized projects and news.

Read on for more insights!

Agrello Digital Identity mobile app is getting an improved flow and design -

Agrello ID is a multi-purpose digital identity powered by blockchain, that is always with you through our mobile app. The app allows you to create and manage your digital identity, authorise sensitive operations and transactions, and sign documents with your digital signature. The value of Agrello ID comes from the range of its practical uses. Some examples of use cases are:-

  • Digital access management (e.g. signing securely into your online bank or any other connected system);
  • Physical access management (e.g. smart employee ID allowing access to spaces or assets according to the contract, supported by full audit trail);
  • Secure transactions (e.g. authorization of monetary transactions);
  • Signing legally binding documents digitally, and more.

One of the first integrations with the Eesty app allows users to use their Agrello ID to authenticate and manage their wallet. More integrations are being planned. SDK for 3rd party integrations will go live alongside with the mobile app, stay tuned for the announcements.

eesty Wallet supported by Agrello App

Sharing and signing traditional documents digitally, with consistency and trust ensured by blockchain -

Container solution is a way of onboarding traditional contract documentation. It allows you to:

  • upload and share your existing documents,
  • invite parties to review and sign the documents,
  • and sign them with the Agrello Signature.

Crucially, the consistency of your Containers is ensured through the zero-knowledge proof on blockchain, with the Container’s lifecycle, audit trail and signing process being managed on blockchain. Both private and public blockchain setups are supported depending on the customer needs.

Redefining legal templates with the Agrello Template Library -

It is no secret that traditional legal documents are complex and legal language is.. well.. specific, making the preparation and diligent execution of legal contracts a tall ask. We have made a major step in tackling this problem by deconstructing legal contracts into fundamental components such as

  • subjects,
  • rights,
  • obligations,
  • signatures etc,

and understanding the structure and intent of those components, thus laying the foundation for truly smart legal contracts. More to come on this topic, stay tuned!

So what’s next, I hear you ask -

Now that we have an operational Agrello Digital Identity solution and a foundational Contract Platform, we are planning to drive further features through real customers, use cases and enterprise integrations:-

  • Piloting Contract Platform in the enterprise environment and extending the Contract Management capabilities;
  • Preparing the Contract Platform for closed testing with external industry experts.
  • Call To Action

    That said, give us a challenge! If you have an interesting problem we can solve or an idea for an integration, just give us a shout. We are particularly interested in integration pilots in the areas of accommodation, employment contracts, procurement, hire/leasing, IoT and more.

    First 10 enterprise pilots will get a 20% discount! Get in touch and tell us about your company:

    Thank you for your all of the support, feedback and ideas!

    To learn more about Agrello’s other partnerships and projects, existing and upcoming, stay tuned here, subscribe to our newsletter, and join us on Twitter, Telegram ,Reddit or Linkedin.

    Agrello Team

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