Rafael Gama: Progress Report: devcon4 and the launch’s preps

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Progress Report: devcon4 and launch preparations

Hi everyone,

We are in the final sprints to get everything ready to launch the platform.



Yes, we are going. Some members of the team are going to the devcon4 to hear the latest developments and techniques in order to apply them on our platform. Feel free to reach out to us and join us at the event.

Smart Contract deployed

Yes, as we getting close to the launch we have deployed our main Smart Contract on the Ethereum main network. Here you can find all the smart contracts that have been deployed. #starbaseislaunching

Now, let’s get back to our hangar:

All possible project information is pulled from the SC — As always looking to being a solid and transparent bridge between the user and the project owner, once the project is on the Starbase platform all the project information that will be shown to the user on the platform will be pulled from the Smart Contract.

The “Toast” confirmation alert is clickable — In the MVP we made it close when receiving a click. Instead, when clicked the alert opens the transaction in a new window so the users can see the transaction on the network independently.

We changed how the time zone is shown in the token sale — Not clearly stating the time zone on the token sale would generate confusion. Considering that the Smart Contract uses UTC we decided to show the time in UTC time zone as well.

We transferred the custody transaction responsibility to the users — We passed this choice to the users so they will be able to choose how much Gas to add in order to make the transaction faster or cheaper.

We created a tutorial GIF showing the user how to change their Metamask account — We made this tutorial GIF in order to explain to the user how to change their ether address using Metamask for the KYC. It will be shown at the beginning of the KYC form.


Fix completed token sale showing 0% progress bar on projects page — Yes the token sale progress bar was stuck when completed in some cases, but not anymore.

Back to base!

Feel free to reach the Starbase team on:
Website: starbase.co
Twitter: twitter.com/StarbaseCo
Telegram: t.me/starbase

Progress Report: devcon4 and the launch’s preps was originally published in Starbase on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: Rafael Gama at blog.starbase.co

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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