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Philips brings telemedicine to Japanese hospitals, BCBS covers Hygieiea’s service, and other digital health deals

Clinical research software company Elligo Health Research has entered a partnership with HealthiVibe, a company that collects patient insights in order to improve clinical trials. As part of the new deal Elligo will be able to offer HealthiVibe’s platform HealthiPerspectives, which collects patients’ feedback about clinical trials and gathers patient data.

“Partnering with Elligo enables us to continue to expand our offering,” Jennifer Kelly, vice president at HealthiVibe, said in a statement. “Aligning with Elligo will increase our industry benchmarking database, providing valuable patient insights that will ultimately enhance our mission of making the patient voice an integral part of the clinical trial development process.”

Telemedicine is making its way into Japanese hospitals. This morning Royal Philips announced that it inked a deal with Showa University in Japan to launch the country’s first telemedicine intensive care program at Showa University Hospital and Showa Koto Toyosu Hospital. The new program is expected to help increase case volume and savings, while decreasing morality rates.

“The eICU represents the future of globalized critical care, transforming the delivery of care from the bedside,” Hiroyuki Tsutsumi, CEO of Philips Japan, said in a statement. “Having a centralized remote patient support center provides the ability to consolidate and standardize care, reduce transfers while maximizing bed utilization, and reassure bedside staff. This helps reduces costs while enhancing revenues, patient flow, and capacity management across the system.”

This isn’t Philps’ first time implementing telemedicine units in hospitals. Recently the Dutch tech giant teamed up with US-based Emory Healthcare to create a new remote intensive care unit monitoring program at the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia. As part of the partnership, US intensive care doctors and nurses based in Perth will be able to provide remote night-time critical care support to patients on the other side of the world in Atlanta, Ga.

Ride sharing giant Lyft has teamed up with the American Cancer Society to give cancer patients free rides, Fortune reports. For now the service will be available in 10 US cities. ACS will link up patients with the ride sharing service.

Lyft has made some major partnerships in the healthcare space as of late. Notably, the company has teamed up with Allscripts to make it easier for patients to get to care appointments. In addition, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association also worked out a deal with the ride sharing company as part of the insurer’s new Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute.

In late June, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan made a deal with digital insulin therapy company Hygieia making its d-Nav Insulin Guidance Service available to members, following new data results.

At the American Diabetes Association conference the insulin management company announced that in a study of the technology, patients in its trial group saw an average HbA1c reduction of 1.0 percent, versus 0.3 percent in the control group. In addition, patients also reported high satisfaction results and comfort with the d-Nav service, according to the company.

In other insulin related news, Monarch Medical Technologies, a precision insulin dosing company, is working with with digital therapeutics company Voluntis. The pair are going to work together to improve the coordination of glycemic management for patients with insulin dosing recommendations in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, according to a statement.

Both companies have experience in the space. Monarch is the maker of EndoTool Glucose Management System, which gives insulin dosing recommendations. Additionally, Volunitis’ has developed Insulia, a digital therapeutic that helps people treat their Type 2 diabetes.

“We are pleased to partner with Monarch and believe that our two organizations have great synergy to provide healthcare institutions with a comprehensive solution to manage glucose from the hospital to home,” Pierre Leurent, CEO and cofounder of Voluntis, said in a statement. “With both EndoTool and Insulia, providers can be confident that their patients continue to receive personalized dosing recommendations at home, to achieve and maintain target glucose levels.”

Mount Sinai Medical Center in Sarasota Florida has tapped healthcare communication company Voalte to provide care communications for the hospital. The platform will integrate with the hospital’s iPhones and EHR.

“As a teaching hospital dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to our community, we recognize the need to equip our staff with the most efficient tools,” Tom Gillette, chief information officer at Mount Sinai Medical Center, said in a statement. “After an extensive review, we chose Voalte Platform as the foundation for communication across our nine geographically dispersed locations to ensure that care teams inside and outside the hospital can access and exchange information securely, and collaborate efficiently on patient care.”


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