Papyrus: Papyrus Technical Roundup #12: Stability and Integration Improvement

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In Papyrus we believe that such qualities as reliability and stability of the system should be proactively managed from the very beginning and not be postponed “For Later”.

To ensure reliability of our MVP, Zabbix has been deployed so that our IT engineers could monitor the status of the system 24/7.

It is essential for us to create the most flexible platform that supports different types of integration and interaction.

This month we are also expecting equally significant tasks to be accomplished — we are developing our own header bidding functionality to make integration with us even more flexible. With this feature new publishers will be able to integrate with us as quickly and easily as possible. Moreover, header bidding enables publishers to increase their revenue and gives them greater control over yield and the true value of each impression since they can receive bids from buyers that may be more interested in their inventory (and could pay a higher price).

Innovations are impossible without research — so now we have launched our Research tool which will reveal the most promising approach for ensuring the privacy of internal transactions.

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