Papyrus: Papyrus Business Development trip to Asia: Singapore meetings and Bloconomic conference (Malaysia…

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Papyrus Business Development trip to Asia: Singapore meetings and Bloconomic conference (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur).

Abeed Janmohamed, CEO

Its always exciting to make another trip to the East part of the world that is driving the agenda on crypto and blockchain — The place where I have met some of the most savvy investors and technologists as well made some very good friends over my various journeys to the Far East.

The first leg of this trip was Singapore before the Bloconomic conference in Kuala Lumpur at the end of the week. I started with a breakfast meeting with an old colleague from London who is now running platforms at Mindshare followed by a conference call with a journalist. The afternoon was full of useful meetings, I was able to reach people who are very well connected to the investment community in South East Asia. In The Tanglin Club — A bastion of colonial Singapore I had conversation with another former colleague, this time leading Rhythm One’s (formerly RadiumOne) efforts in SE Asia — market leading ad tech player in the space.

Next morning I headed to a breakfast with SI partners followed by a coffee with the APAC CEO of Wunderman (one of WPP’s billion dollar agencies) before a dash to the airport for the flight to Kuala Lumpur.

On arrival in Kuala Lumpur at rush hour an almost 2 hour transfer to the hotel was quite arduous, but I arrived just in time for the Bloconomic VIP networking event for all the speakers and organisers. Great set up and a good start indeed.

Thursday morning — the conference starts, everything from registration to breakfast and the opening address set us up for great two days. Having been to a number of blockchain events I can safely say that this was one of the best organised and set up. Besides, I was fascinated by the people there as well — As the networking kept on, I found out he Malaysian crypto and blockchain community are very enthusiastic and keen to learn and develop their knowledge base.

Friday morning — early start overlooking downtown Kuala Lumpur. This was a long day at the conference with great networking and meeting potential investors. My speaker slot on the afternoon followed the CEO of a business which makes dAPPs for advertising — the talk went really well and had a good response from the audience.

The conference ended with another VIP event, which was a great way for speakers to end a conference. Followed by an early morning flight back home. Will definitely be heading back to Asia soon — the land of opportunity!

- Abeed Janmohamed,


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