Opporty ICO: Opporty Updates: June 28-July 11, 2018

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Hello everyone!

Opporty is back with our latest news and project upgrades.

Without further ado, enjoy your weekly updates!

Account Termination Process Improved

We have updated our account termination process to meet all the requirements, stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A unique link will be generated for each user. To ensure security, a confirmation email with the link will be sent to the email address provided when you opened your personal account at opporty.com.

Once an account is terminated in the Opporty system, a user will no longer be able to access it. According to the GDPR, we will delete all of the account data (history of use, requests, offers, company details, and any other data that is related to the account).

Some Other Changes to the Opporty Project

Opporty is evolving by leaps and bounds, expanding the opportunities offered by blockchain technologies. This process is constantly infused with massive server load increases. We have optimized our server system load by moving the blockchain synchronization and contributors’ accounts to another server.

The team has also updated smart contracts within contributors’ accounts to display additional bonuses in an appropriate way. The navigation menus in the catalog and the contributor’s accounts for registered users have also been improved to ensure a better user experience.

Main menu of Opporty’s account
Personal menu of Opporty’s account

PostgreSQL was upgraded to the 10th version.

As of now, we are developing entities and permissions for our Proof-of-Expertise Protocol. Also, our developers are creating a separate library for the chat-bot, with functionality for company and category searches, and the execution of certain commands on the Opporty platform.

Events and Conferences

Promotion is an important element of each and every project. Apart from enhancing the development side of the Opporty ecosystem, we are also busy spreading the word about the opportunities our project provides to businesses.

Opporty’s founder, Sergey Gribnyak, has been attending the hottest global events related to blockchain, innovative technologies, and business. Last week he attended two exciting events in China.

On July 3, the Opporty project was presented at the ZPMC event in Shanghai by Sergey Grybniak, Jing Zeng, Charles Wong, and Raajiv Sami. The audience paid rapt attention and asked many questions during the presentation. The team was happy to share more about the Opporty project and user cases.

ZPMC, or Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company, is a multinational engineering company with its own fleet of 26 transportation ships. The company is also world-famous for manufacturing cranes and large steel construction equipment.

Another exciting event called X-talks took place at Shanghai Tower on July 7. The blockchain summit was powered by knowledgeable speakers with collective experience in AI, industry development and blockchain technology. Sergey Grybniak delivered an impressive presentation about Opporty and shared some interesting thoughts about the huge impact the new technologies are expected to make.

It was a great pleasure to present fresh updates about Opporty to our Chinese audience and to answer a lot of curious questions from an engaged audience.

More updates are coming!

Stay tuned!


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