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On.Live: On.Live reinvents market for professional advice via video conferencing

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Live video streaming and video conferencing services gain much more popularity across the internet lately. There are many different video platforms offering live video streaming in the internet today. Aside from generic websites offering free live streaming as an addition to normal prerecorded content, most of other live platforms are payed services dedicated to one and usually very narrow subject. Those are most often property of singular organization or business. When someone with need for advice or consultation finally finds one of such sites, and it’s rather easier said than done, is then faced with yet another unfamiliar web interface, requirement for another login, different terms of use and methods of payments. This is cumbersome and kind of rebuffing, right from the start for many people. There was a need for consolidation, allowing people seeking professional advice, and service providers to act under one, easily searchable and comprehensible platform offering place for advisory services for many different industries. On.Live is such consolidating project. Envisaged as a marketplace for payed advice and mass broadcasts, it does what other sites offering live streams and proprietary platforms don’t. On.Live is a platform open for every industry and really everyone. It doesn’t matter if it is a big business simply searching cost effective manner to deliver live streamed two-way video access to its specialists, or an individual proficient in craft or trade who just want to make additional profit from his expertise. On.Live provides one solution, and surface for advisory business to act on, with all necessary and easy to use software functionalities. Also as far as we know it, On.Live is only project offering user adjusted fees for services, and only one of such profile built on top of blockchain technology and using own cryptocurrency for internal settlements. Using On.Live has many benefits compared to dedicated services both from user and business owner perspective. First of all, On.Live users have access to advisors from many industries to choose from and are faced with convenient payment method. Platform uses its own utility token — The ONL. Users just exchange FIAT or cryptocurrency for ONL, and they can pay for every live streaming service available on On.Live platform. Secondly, content and advice providers gain access to vast number of potential customers within one, easy to maintain ecosystem, and also benefit from tokenization by instantly receiving their fees for finalized sessions with customers. Thirdly, ONL token is externally tradeable, and will increase in value on its own, together with growth of platform and increasing number of users. Overall, On.Live with its business model stands out from the offerings of other platforms and strictly specialized sites. It is mature in concept, modern, refined and cost effective marketplace for live video services open for every industry which can benefit from live remote contact with its clients. Check our website. See what On.Live is all about in details. Join us, as we are transforming live teleconference advisory market, and shaping part of economy of the future.

Join our Facebook fanpage ???? https://www.facebook.com/OnLive.TV/

Check website ???? https://on.live/
Watch intro movie ???? https://youtu.be/2TjrMS07trY
Watch platform video presentation ???? https://youtu.be/3BV3YwprKcQ
Comment ???? https://t.me/OnLive
Follow our announcements ???? https://t.me/OnLiveICO
Check ONL tokens safety ???? https://v11.on.live/
Read whitepaper ????https://on.live/documents/OnLive_Whitepaper.pdf

Original article was created by: On.Live at medium.com

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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