Solar DAO: New contest for Solar DAO participants

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Dear Community! As our previous winners got their prizes, we want to start another contest!

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1 day ago Solar drones. Work at PV plants
4 days ago Robotic future. Solar Drones
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February 22, 2018

Solar drones. Work at PV plants

We decided to continue a small series of articles about technological innovations — unmanned aerial vehicles. Last time we told what unusual and useful solar-powered drones exist on the market.Solar DAO — a tokenized fund designed for everyone to easily participate in PV solar...

From: Solar DAO
February 19, 2018

Robotic future. Solar Drones

Dron is a simplified name for unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as UAVs. Flying and floating small size devices are created for a variety of purposes: from aerial photographs to goods delivery. The world-famous company Amazon has patented its own system for the delivery of goods with the help...

From: Solar DAO
February 16, 2018

Solar Panels and Water save. Caring about the environment

It’s not a secret that reducing fresh water trend is one of the hottest topics for discussion at environmental forums and conferences. According to the scientists’ forecasts, by 2025 almost 2.5 million people will face the lack of water. The problem of increasing consumption appears not only...

From: Solar DAO
February 12, 2018

Hope for the Sun. How Solar Energy gives a second life to atomic projects

Switzerland, being one of the most progressive and rapidly developing countries in the world, completely abandoned nuclear energy. In May 2017, here was conducted a referendum on energy development. The citizens’ majority voted for abandoning the nuclear power stations. The Swiss government...

From: Solar DAO
February 10, 2018

Top 5 Solar Inventions you must see

As you already know, the solar energy market is growing rapidly. Every month, new inventions and improvements of previous devices are presented to the world. Constant scientific developments already gave us solar panels’ efficiency about 35%. Of course, we are talking about modules designed...

From: Solar DAO
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