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Dear community,

hereby we would like to inform you about changes in the upcoming pre-stable beta release our secure messenger. We are moving fast towards commercial launch with this update.


1. Due to heavy changes and improvements in the upcoming pre-stable beta release you must REMOVE (UNINSTALL) the current Crypviser app before installing the new version 1.1 (build 2).

2. To install the updated beta version 1.1 (build 2), please open TestFlight and click “Install”.

3. The QR codes generated in version 1.0 (build 1002) won’t work for 1.1 (build 2).


  • Video calls in stable mode
  • Auto destruction timer (“the bomb”) now activates after the message is opened
  • Improved contact list features
  • Updated UI of local security features (lock chat, hide chat)
  • Many UI/UX updates and improvements
  • Bug fixes and a lot of improvements according to user feedback and planned optimization

    1. During the registration of a new account, you can “save” a backup QR code in your local photo library. You can also “print” or “mail” the QR code after clicking on the “Export” button in the “Backup your data” screen.

    2. After completion of the account registration wizard you can save your QR backup code and change the authorization method in the “Profile” -> “Settings” screen

    3. You can find useful local security features, such as “lock chat” in the “hide chat” swipe menu in chat list or by opening the “+” menu in the chat window.

    4. Only saved contacts appear in the “Crypviser” contact list. All “unknown” contacts are only visible in the “Recent” list and can be saved as a Crypviser contact in the swipe menu or in the contact profile.

    5. After “shaking” your device you are given the option to send feedback to us.

    Explore the Crypviser secure social communication app to find many other exciting and useful features.

    We appreciate your feedback, reviews and improvement suggestions a lot. Please forward all your comments to

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    Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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