Neuromation: Neuromation Partner Insilico closed a strategic round of funding

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This February we’ve announced a new partnership with Insilico. Today our friends and partners Insilico Medicine closed a strategic round of funding with four very strategic investors!

Neuromation CRO Sergey Nikolenko comments on the news:

«I’m very happy that our long-term friends and partners Insilico Medicine have secured their next round of investments! We have been collaborating with Insilico for a long time, starting with joint work on drug discovery (see, e.g., this post), establishing a partnership with a blockchain-based project Longenesis led by Alex Zhavoronkov as well (see, e.g., this post) and now working together on an exciting project that brings together molecular biology an deep learning. This great news brings Insilico not only the money they need to expand their efforts to fight aging and discover new drugs with deep learning but also testing grounds at WuXi for the molecules they find. This will help Insilico bring their drugs to the market faster, and this is something we can all benefit from, not only as deep learning researchers but as human beings who want to live longer. I congratulate my dear friends, the CEO of Insilico Medicine Alex Zhavoronkov and CEO of Insilico Taiwan Artur Kadurin, and the rest of Insilico team alongside with whom I have had the pleasure to work.»

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