Jaime Chacón: Mysterium Network at Chainges 2018 Conference

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Chainges 2018 Conference main stage

Mysterium Network was a partner of the Chainges 2018 Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands from Friday May 4 to Saturday May 5. Chainges was a two-day blockchain and cryptocurrency event shaped by the community mixing blockchain technology with crypto-economy where communities and leaders met. It was a great experience to meet our community, networking and learning about other interesting projects and trends in the blockchain / technology industries.

The event featured:
50+ Speakers
35+ Partners
40+ Media Partners

The location for the conference was in the Kromhouthal, an impressive 3.500m2 sized venue where the setup had a main stage (Technology Stage) that was reached by walking through the partner booths and a Business Stage that was next to the Startup Alley and AMA Session areas. Our section was close to the entrance and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit our booth or reached out to us during the event.

Chainges 2018 Conference map

Mysterium Network was represented at Chainges by the following seven members of our team:
Antanas - Networking Engineer
Donatas - Software Engineer
Jaime - Community Manager
Marta - People Operations & Communications
Ramunas - Product Manager
Robertas - Founder, gave Quest to reclaim our privacy speech on Saturday May 5th
Valdas - Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer

Mysterium Network team at booth: Marta, Ramunas, Donatas, Antanas and Valdas

The Chainges staff did a great job of designing and customizing each booth to the specifications of each company including the banners and tables.

Mysterium Network branded design at booth

Visitors to our booth where able to check out our Mysterion VPN client software application and connected to nodes in: Canada, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and France. They also where able to see our television presentation with an exclusive sneak peek to our new Roadmap (to be released in our next Medium update on Friday May 18). For the Chainges gift bag we gave users the opportunity to sign up for free MYST tokens as well as the chance to register to use and test our VPN client. Everyone who signed up will soon be receiving an email. Our visitors also received cool Mysterium Network hoodies and shirts.

Mysterium Network table: Mysterion VPN client demo & MYST tokens, hoodies and shirts giveaway

The crowd at the conference was very knowledgeable about VPN as everyone we interacted with was already aware of the concept and many have used or are actively looking for secure ways to protect themselves and avoid censorship. We where able to successfully introduce Mysterium Network to other companies, potential users and open sourced developers who can help us develop our decentralized network of VPN nodes. Many from the audience had already heard about us and wanted to know about our latest developments and future plans.

networking at our booth

It was a pleasure to meet and network with other interesting projects (like privacy coins, wallets, exchanges, ICO managers, startups, and many others) including: PIVX, ZenCash, Pillar, BitBay, HitBTC, Aeternity, BDO Malta, etc. We where also able to perform several media interviews that we will be sharing once they are published.

Founder Robertas Visinskis in one of several interviews

We would also like to again congratulate and thank our two Chainges tickets giveaway contest winners from local Netherlands blockchain companies Blockdata and Crypto Experts for coming by and visiting our booth. We appreciate your interest in Mysterium and are glad to have you as part of our community.

happy Facebook giveaway contest ticket winner from Blockdata at our booth with Jaime and Antanas

Chainges Facebook Photo Album


Chainges 2018 Conference live Twitter short video

Chainges 2018 Conference live Facebook short booth video

We will be sharing Robertas Visinskis speech on our Quest to reclaim our privacy as soon as the video has been edited by Chainges. It details examples, use cases and ways to protect yourself or your organizations.

Chainges was a memorable experience and we would recommend it to exhibitors and guests in the future. We have now taken part in the Ethereum Developers Conference Devcon3 (2017) and Chainges 2018 conferences and will continue to participate in many more as we proceed to grow our brand and relationships with the community.

Mysterium Network at Chainges 2018 Conference was originally published in Mysterium Network on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Original article was created by: Jaime Chacón at medium.com

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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