John Chiarella: Moeda Featured in Fast Company


Moeda was recently featured in Fast Company, an American business magazine.

This comes off the heels of several other high-profile pieces written by other mainstream media outlets about Moeda. The article covered multiple aspects of Moeda, including its utilization of blockchain and the potentialities of the technology, details regarding the seed projects and Moeda’s operations, and the founding of Moeda, making it one of the most comprehensive yet. CEO Taynaah Reis was also interviewed, giving details on the transparency of the blockchain technology as well as personal accounts of the Brazilian cooperative system.

With the launch of Moeda’s app just around the corner, further interest in Moeda’s project goals and its use of blockchain is sure to abound, so stay tuned!


Moeda Featured in Fast Company was originally published in Moeda on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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