Cyborg @SwissBorg: Meet Lomig Mégard: SwissBorg’s Senior Engineer & Scala Expert in Lausanne

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Meet the SwissBorg Team

Lomig Mégard grew up in a busy, dynamic and diverse household in Geneva. His socially conscious parents welcomed refugees and people in need. He met and lived with many different people from all over the world who came to Switzerland hoping for a better life. This gave Lomig a love of diversity and a deep appreciation of the connectedness of humanity. Living in a house that was always full of people with different cultures and backgrounds yet functioned well, taught him, from a young age, about collaborative work and the power of team spirit to generate collective solutions to problems.

With a mathematician for a father, as a child Lomig possessed computing skills beyond his years. From the early age of 12 he began programming. When asked what attracted him to programming, he answers, “the pristine logic of it, the capacity to command the computer to perform tasks, solve problems, and the vast ability it gives one to create.”

Lomig studied computer science at the prestigious EPFL, where he received both his bachelor and his master in the field. For his master thesis in the area of Programming by Example, he helped develop an app, Pong Designer, which provides analyses of examples that is fed in order to create simple games.

For his final year internship Lomig went to work in the private bank Pictet & Cie. It was his first time working in finance but it was a very traditional bank, he learned quickly that the stiff traditional world of banking was not for him, it made him feel restrained and unchallenged.

In London he went to work for a startup in the AdTech industry which was much more appealing to him both professionally and culturally. There he got a taste for the dynamic and small startup culture that was, hard working, team oriented, and open minded. Lomig realized that he loved to work with a diverse but small group of people who were passionate about their work.

Upon returning to Switzerland for personal reasons, Lomig decided to devote himself to research. He joined the impressive, EU funded, Human Brain Project as a big data engineer, where he engaged in fascinating work with great minds trying to understand the most sophisticated of all computers: the human brain.

Before joining SwissBorg Lomig worked for the giant multinational, Cisco Systems as a software engineer. He wanted to witness the big company process and was interested in seeing how to coordinate with hundreds of people, in a decentralized workflow.

At home in the rapidly expanding world of computer science, Lomig is an active member of the OSS community. As well as being active in other open source projects, he has created a small library that is downloaded by tens of thousands of people every month.

After gaining experience in different fields and work spaces, Lomig returned to work in a startup because that is the space in which he is most happy and creative. When asked why he joined SwissBorg he replies, “I wanted to work on the blockchain because I love the technicality of it, I find it interesting and challenging and full of promise for the future of transforming the way we interact. I’m also glad to have a chance to work with Scala in which I’m specialized, my professor Martin Odersky was the creator of Scala, and am very glad to work with Nicolas Rémond, SwissBorg’s head of engineering who has a stellar reputation in the field.”

Lomig brings to SwissBorg his expertise in software, Scala and big data engineering, his passion for solving problems, and his experience working on big projects with a diverse and large group of people in a decentralized fashion. He believes that blockchain technology can create a future of finance and human connectivity that is more efficient, transparent and decentralized. He wants to help SwissBorg pave the way to this new and improved future.

Lomig Mégard’s LinkedIn

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