Scorum: May Writers Contest: Why I want to blog on Scorum?

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The launch of the Scorum sports blog platform will take place in the very near future — and anyone can start their own blog on our site. While we are just weeks away from the launch of the platform, we are glad to announce a contest for writers on Scorum and everyone who would like to join them.

We suggest participants write an article on the topic “Why I want to blog on Scorum?” and publish it in their blog and / or social networks (on personal pages or in your communities). The more total audience coverage you get, the greater the chance you will win one of the prizes.

We provide:

· Media kit, you can download it here;

· Layouts of the blog platform;

· Help in case of questions (if you do not understand something, you can always contact our team);

· Information for writers (information about the project can be found on and in our whitepaper).


The contest will be held during the next week and will end on May 23 at 20.00 (GMT +3).

We will contact the winners by e-mail.

The results of the contest will be also published in our social networks.


· Write an article entitled “Why I want to blog on Scorum?”;

· Publish the article in your personal blog, social networks, etc. (the number of your “live” subscribers on such a platform should be at least 100 people);

· Text can be written in any language;

· Volume of the text is not limited, however:

· Published text should contain a link to the application form for Scorum writers and the accompanying signature with an appeal to become one of the writers, as well as a title with the name of the contest (“Why I want to blog on Scorum?”);

· Send your link to the published posts on [email protected]

Example of a post

Title: Why I wanna blog on Scorum?

Text: your text about the project, sports, blogging or something else.

Ending: You also want to become a Scorum writer? Fill the form and join the community —

Only those participants who have fulfilled all the conditions are allowed to take part in the competition.


1st place (1 person) — 100 SCR. The best text will be selected by Scorum experts.

2nd place (1 person) — 50 SCR. Prize will be given to the participant with the best coverage of posts and level of involvement.

Writers from Top 50 posts will receive 5 SCR each.

We wish everyone good luck!

Original article was created by: Scorum at

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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