HashGains: Is Hashgains (HGS) A Utility Token Or A Security Token?

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Before delving into the debate of whether the HashGains’ Token (HGS) is a security token or a utility token let’s first of all understand the key difference these terms. The query shall settle on its own after we espouse upon the key difference among the two. Here we go:

Utility Tokens: These are also known as app-coins or user-tokens. The rationale of launching these utility tokens is to come across as a future right to use to the company’s services and products. What sets apart a utility token from the other kinds of tokens is that they are not made up as investments in the company, in a properly formulated way. This feature is overtly emphasized because of the reason of the crypto currency launching firms don’t want to struck in the tedious clutches of financial laws dealing with stocks and securities. As such, the possession of such tokens only procure the usage of the services offered by the crypto currency cloud mining company i.e. the Hash Power.

Security Tokens: Those tokens are said to security tokens which derive their values via an outer asset which is tradable. After a token becomes a publically traded asset it acts a stock or share for the purpose of profit sharing and therefore, comes up under the financial regulations as posed by the governments.

As is very amply clear from the discussion above that the HashGains’ Token is Utility Token and not Security Token! We know from the detailing of the services provided on the website of HashGains that the reciprocated Hash Power of 1 Giga Hash per second of whopping Hash Power is being provided for every 10 Tokens procured from HashGains. Ultimately, this Hash Power which comes as the value of tokens could be utilized for mining of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and such sort of premium crypto currencies.

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Original article was created by: HashGains at medium.com

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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