Invox Finance: Invox Finance welcomes Jim Wowchuk as Chief Technology Officer

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Jim Wowchuk

We are excited to announce that Jim Wowchuk will be joining the Invox Finance team as our Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Jim brings strategic insight to the Invox team that he has gained during more than 30 years of engineering high quality, commercial software, for major companies across a diverse range of industries. His past work has seen him be heavily involved with introducing new, innovative technology while ensuring security and privacy. By using his broad industry experience, he will lead Invox Finance in delivering a platform ready to scale internationally.

Jim has over 20 years under his belt, running software engineering teams, and delivering high quality commercial software using local, offshore, and 3rd party teams across complex project frameworks. He’s excited to join us as he believes that,

“Invox Finance represents one of the best possible expressions of blockchain technology that I’ve seen — trust, transparency and security — that will reduce costs, and improve the speed and efficiency of transactions.”

As a CTO, Jim has also worked on Marketboomer — a major B2B marketplace operator for the hospitality industry. Jim’s experience in working with Marketboomer’s business partners, internal product managers, and vendors to identify competitive trends, and fulfil new business opportunities, will be highly valuable in ensuring the Invox Finance platform continues to grow.

Jim also has several years’ experience working at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). APRA is Australia’s national financial services regulator, which oversees more than $4 trillion AUD in assets held in banks, superannuation, and insurance. At APRA he delivered a number of major projects including $10M project on Standard Business Reporting (SBR) using the XBRL standard for exchanging business information. This experience will provide Invox Finance with both the regulatory insight, and operational expertise, needed to execute a global platform.

With a Masters in Information Technology (Software Engineering & Project Management), undergraduate studies in Computer Science (AI), and a diploma of Electronics Engineering Technology (Digital Controls), Jim understands computers from the chip to the cloud. Jim’s blockchain experience involves designing products using Ethereum and Hyperledger, for managing assets and controlling access to global markets.

Jim has successfully led dozens of teams to deliver commercial software using cloud platforms, managing workflow and executing complex trading processes used around the world. More importantly Jim has designed architecture solutions for major companies that reduce cost, increase security and automate their system delivery process. Welcome to the family Jim!

Click here to see Jim on LinkedIn

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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