Metaverse: Interview with Metaverse Singapore Ambassador

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We’re glad to have Stanley as Metaverse Singapore Ambassador. Let’s check out interview below to know more about Stanley!

1. Can you first tell us a bit about you? Maybe a fun fact we wouldn’t expect?

I am a Singaporean with a keen interest in exploring the use of FinTech solutions to drive efficiency in the areas of commodities, supply chain and trade finance.

My interest in staying involved in the blockchain community has led to my friends and I starting the Nanyang Blockchain Association, which aims to educate and spur students’​ interest in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and their applications. I speak at blockchain conferences and enjoy writing articles to share some of my views on blockchain technology.

During my free time, I like to engage in recreational games such as pool billiards and Chinese chess with my friends for fun. I enjoy these games as they require me to go through a thought process to think through my strategy. It also helps me relax and take my mind off work.

2. What is it that you do at Metaverse? How did you hear about the project and what made you apply for your role?

I am a blockchain researcher at Metaverse. My role involves researching on the latest developments in the blockchain industry and also strategic planning to determine how to best position our company’s products and services in the market that is filled with other blockchain projects.

I heard about the Metaverse project when I was still a student at Nanyang Technological University. I was very interested in blockchain technology and its potential in changing the way businesses work. When I heard that Metaverse was looking for blockchain researchers to join their team, I immediately sent in an application indicating my interest to be part of the Metaverse team.

3. When did you first hear and start learning about blockchain? What is the most interesting thing about it to you?

I first heard about blockchain technology and its potential applications back in 2016. In 2017, I started doing my own research on the latest developments in the field of blockchain and learning about the different projects and use cases.

The most interesting thing about blockchain is its features of all participants being able to access a database that is updated constantly in real time. This has a lot of implications in many traditional businesses such as banking, trade finance and supply chain where there is still a lot of operations focused on manual paperwork. Blockchain technology can increase the efficiency of many traditional business process and reduce the pain points of such industries.

4.What do you hope to achieve being Metaverse ambassador? What are you particularly excited to work on?

I believe in the Metaverse’s values and what the company is trying to do in the Blockchain industry. I have made alot of friends at the company and learnt alot from the colleagues. I want to be a Metaverse Ambassador to continue contributing to the company even when I am in Singapore and also to remain involved in the blockchain community.

I am particularly excited to continue speaking, writing and researching as a representative of the Metaverse team. I have recently given a presentation at an industry conference on ‘Blockchain Technology for Corporations’ representing Metaverse.

As a Metaverse Ambassador, I hope to take the lead in fostering authentic and long-lasting relationships with the blockchain community in Singapore. I am in the midst of researching on the Blockchain industry landscape in China and will be sharing my insights on LinkedIn.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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