Papyrus: Interview with Business Development Director George Odysseos

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Today we are talking about the blockchain, advertising industry and Papyrus with George Odysseos, Business Development Director at Papyrus.

George is CCO of YorMedia Solutions, ex-General Manager of Aloqui Limited, expert with 10 years of experience in business development within the digital advertising space. George’s experience spans the spectrum of a company’s operations with particular relevance to finance and governance (Chartered Accountant / Finance Director), operational efficiency/business performance metrics (Operations Director) and commercial strategy (Commercial Director).

Now let’s give it up for George himself!

— George, hi! It should be noted that today is exactly one year since you are with the Papyrus team :)

— It is a pleasure to be involved with Papyrus, the need for transparency in the advertising ecosystem is paramount to building trust and ensuring the good actors are properly rewarded. The Blockchain based solution from Papyrus will restore the lost trust in the ecosystem.

— You have an extremely broad spectrum of professional experience — Finance, Operations, Commercial Director. What kind of occupation you personally enjoy the most?

— I have always had a passion for business and not necessarily one aspect of it. My finance background gives me a different perspective but ultimately a business needs to generate revenue so I like to operate across multiple departments which is known as a COO role.

— From your experience in digital media and programmatic advertising solutions, what is your general view on the digital marketing industry as it is now? Does it have problems?

— People seem to forget that digital media is only 22 years old and has undergone significant changes within that time, changes that other industries would have taken significantly longer to make. With change comes challenges and one of those is solving the lack of transparency and value justification of the various industry actors. Without transparency trust is difficult to achieve and ultimately that will prevent growth.

— What do think of all the popularity about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the recent years? Do you see the blockchain technology useful to aid the digital advertising industry?

— I liken this time in Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies to Internet 1999, where hype and hysteria clouded the reality of who had genuine business models and who were just a marketing exercise. Ultimately, as with the Internet in 1999, those businesses who did not add value and were devoid of working technology would soon exit the ecosystem, leaving bona fide companies to continue to develop the industry.

As with 1999, there is a great deal of scepticism and misunderstanding, none less than within digital marketing. It is incumbent on the likes of Papyrus to continue to educate the market as to the value that Blockchain can bring.

— How did Papyrus manage to draw your attention among many other businesses?

— In 2017, there seemed to be a flurry of White papers and ICO’s from ‘Blockchain’ businesses, that ultimately had no foundation in any solid Blockchain infrastructure, my initial conversations with Papyrus demonstrated that they were ahead of many in developing a solution for the digital advertising ecosystem — so had credibility.

— Does Papyrus have advantages over other blockchain-based projects in the digital marketing field?

— Papyrus has ambitious plans but has a clear vision of what its goal is, judging by the pivoting of other Blockchain businesses, this is not always the case. Understanding your end goal is key!

— What features of Papyrus you think are the most important?

— Controlled transparency via a Smart Contract is key, I also work with many media owners who are being unfairly penalised by the hidden fees and arbitrage. Advertisers and Publishers are key and will be those who will benefit the most from the work Papyrus is doing.

— As a business development expert, what are the chances of Papyrus to be successfully adopted by the digital advertising market? What needs to be done to achieve it?

— From many conversations I have had, there is an acknowledgement that the work Papyrus is doing is needed and will be welcomed. To achieve our goals, we need greater collaboration between different components of the ecosystem. We are under no illusions, our goals are ambitious but I was always taught to aim for the stars!

— What key development directions you working on with the Papyrus team now/plan to work on in the nearest future?

— As mentioned, Papyrus is looking to connect the various parts of the ecosystem, my aim is to work with respectable parties within the ecosystem to work with Papyrus to provide a proof of concept and to demonstrate how Blockchain can provide the route to a cleaner and efficient ecosystem.

— The digital advertising market is expanding rapidly, but is not developing on the inside in any productive way. Do you agree? How do you personally see the future of the digital marketing industry for the next few years?

— As media consumption becomes increasingly digital (including TV), advertising Dollars will inevitably follow and will have to be delivered via digital channels. Growth will happen and we need to ensure that the ecosystem continues to evolve, as it has done, identifying inefficiencies and addressing them with the best possible solution. I have no doubt that Blockchain will feature heavily in this continual evolution and see Papyrus at the heart of it, driving change and progress.

— Thank you for joining us today George! We hope that next time we will cover the Papyrus business development strategy in detail to clarify what we are doing and why we are doing it.

— It would be great, you are welcome!

George Oddyseos,
Business Development Director

If you have any questions to George or anybody else from the team — please, feel free to ask your questions via our official telegram group @papyrusglobal or send us email to [email protected].

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO.

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