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Have a look at Na`Vi’s mustache of hope, pashaBiceps in Louis Vuitton, luxury sport cars and other cool photos in our Instagram CS:GO Digest.

So this week pashaBiceps was “working hard” on his new style: “His name is Bond. Pasha Bond.”

Twistzz has a passion for fashion too. Team Liquid asked fans to name an anime character with better hair ???? But we all know that it’s impossible to name one :)

Meanwhile Zeus tries out a new career as a Top Gear commentator:

We agree! “Hell, yeah” Devveking, from team Astralis, was celebrating winning the Eleague Premier 2018:

Looks like Gambit CS:GO was throwing a “Pajama party” at their gaming house in Moscow with their new coach B1ad3:

And despite Astralis NAVI not placing where they wanted in Eleague this time, great fans still showed them tons of support:

And to finish our digest, a bit of history: A flashback to a successful year from Byalkoo:

To be continued…

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Hi! Contact our support team: [email protected] and they will help you.

Hi! Contact our support team: [email protected] and they will help you.

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